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Photograph: Samantha Willis
Photograph: Samantha Willis

18 perfect pictures of dogs in the snow that will take your mind off the Bad Thing for a minute

They're dogs!!! In the snow!!!!

Written by
Kate Lloyd

Whether you unashamedly love dog content with your whole heart or you’re claiming that ‘you accidentally clicked on this link’ and that ‘now you’re here, you might as well look at some dogs’; welcome home, friends. We think you’re probably going to be happy here in this safe little corner of the internet where nothing matters other than pictures of snow and pups.

Freak weather is to thank for this bounteous harvest of nice animal content. We’re just past a long weekend’s worth of the white stuff landing on London, and what a cold, cold time it is. Right now, across the city, we can guarantee that at least 1,000 people have a hot water bottle shoved up their top and at least 1,000 more are wearing a hat, gloves and full ski thermals indoors. The dogs, though? Well, they’re having a whale of a time. Let's be honest: they’ve got little built-in fur jackets on their backs 24/7 / 365. They’ve basically been prepping for Blizzard Season their whole lives.

On Twitter, we asked Londoners to share snaps of their pet pooches enjoying the snow and our followers served up a fiesta of fluffy critter photos for us to enjoy. Scroll on to enjoy the highlights... 

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