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Full English breakfast
NOT the £38 fry-up | Photograph: Shutterstock

£38 for a fry-up? London’s most expensive breakfasts

And that’s nowhere near the priciest breakfast in the capital

Written by
Chris Waywell

Breakfast is ‘the most important meal of the day’, they say. I mean, obviously, lunch and dinner, and post-pub pizzas and kebabs and burgers are often more enjoyable than breakfast, but it gets to be ‘important’, so everyone’s happy.

But what would pay for your important breakfast fry-up? A fiver? A tenner? How about 20 quid? How about 38 quid? That last one is apparently the most expensive full english you can currently scoff in London, according to some new research. The fry-up at both the Amaranto Restaurant at Four Seasons and The Promenade at The Dorchester both arrive with the eye-watering price tag of £38. Fry-ups at The Oval Restaurant at The Wellesley, The Foyer at Claridge’s, Thames Foyer at The Savoy, Cut at 45 Park Lane, the Lobby Bar and the Goring Dining Room all clock in at £30 or more. You might notice a pattern here. Most of these babies are in restaurants attached to fancy-pants hotels, generally in or near Mayfair. So they’re aimed at a very particular kind of captive audience. Not scaffolders, basically.

Mind you, these are nowhere near the most expensive breakfasts in London. Oh no. For instance, a single item at The Foyer & Reading Room at Claridge’s – scrambled eggs en brioche with caviar – will set you back £74.98 (why not just make it £75 ffs?). Meanwhile, the Champagne Breakfast at the Oval Restaurant at The Wellesley (smoothie, fruit platter, omelette with Scottish lobster, bakery selection and toast, tea or coffee, and a glass (one) of Krug Grande Cuvée is a healthy £115. I’d want tea and coffee for that.

So there you go. How the 1 percent start the day. Personally, I don’t see what all the fuss is about, but equally, my nearest caff does a fry-up for ten quid which is totally shit, and doesn’t even involve bottomless toast, so I guess splashing another 30-odd quid makes a certain kind of sense. 

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