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64 percent of Londoners are thinking of quitting their jobs

Welcome to the Great Resignation

Written by
Alice Saville

We’ve made it through Blue Monday. January’s nearly done. But that still doesn’t mean that London’s workers are feeling perky about their employment situation. The last year has been marked by what’s known as the ‘Great Resignation’, during which employees quit en masse after the pandemic made them less willing to tolerate poor working conditions or just plain unsatisfying roles. And now, a survey has found that there could be more resignations on the way in 2022. 

According to a study of 6,000 white collar workers in London, 64 percent are thinking of quitting their jobs this year. The resignations are predicted to peak in February and March, making for a winter of discontent for employers. But why now? Alongside general late-pandemic malaise, the wave of resignations could be fuelled by concerns over pay: 72 percent of those surveyed expected a pay rise in the new year, and companies unable to stump up extra cash are most likely to shed staff.

So if you’re feeling gloomy at the prospect of another year sitting next to stinky-armpit-Sally or Dane-with-the-laugh, you’re not alone. And on the plus side, if other Londoners make good on the intention of quitting, that'’ll mean plenty of new jobs opening up for you to browse through as you plot and plan over your morning coffee.

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