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A night of flamboyant, lycra-clad Mexican wrestling is coming to London

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Get ready to feel a palpable energía in the air around Camden this week as it plays host to a night of high-flying manoeuvres, terrifying leg drops and tornillo twists. Forget WWE, this is Mexico’s version of pro-wrestling where masked fighters beat seven shades of burrito out of each other while dressed in flamboyant spandex.

Lucha Libre became a cultural phenomenon in Mexico in the early twentieth century (it’s the most popular sport in the country after football) and has since half-nelsoned hearts across the globe. Now, the sport’s finest fighters are turning The Roundhouse into a Mexican arena worthy of the greatest Luchadores. Go to see bad guys (‘rudos’), who employ underhand tactics to break the rules, and good guys (‘técnicos’), who use complex and spectacular moves to fly through the air and smack into each other at high speed.

Considered superheroes in Mexico, some of the country’s most famous Luchadores will be joining the over-the-top night of free-fighting. El Hijo del Santo, the world-famous ‘Silver Masked Man’, will be in attendance, as will Cassandro El Exótico, ‘The Liberace of Lucha Libre’. What? We did say it was OTT. Alexandra Sims and Bobby Palmer. 

Luchadores on London

We get Lucha Libre wrestlers’ takes on the capital

Silver King

What wrestling move best sums up London?
‘“La Tapatia” (Surfboard) because it’s old, authentic, exciting, fast and you feel on top of one another. It’s popular with male and female wrestlers and it’s a pain in the backside!’


Which type of London commuter would you want to chokeslam?
‘Anyone who is arrogant, rude and pushy.  And cyclists who wear lycra and think they can run over anyone. They are not superheroes – we are!’

Cassandro El Exótico

Where can Londoners learn more about Lucha Libre?
‘The London School of Lucha Libre at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green is without doubt the best place to learn and find out if you can make it in the ring.’ 
London School of Lucha Libre. 265 Poyser St. Tube: Bethnal Green.

Alexandra Sims and Bobby Palmer

The Greatest Show of Lucha Libre takes place at The Roundhouse on Saturday May 11. Tickets are £20 - £50. 

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