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Blockbuster Video

Be kind rewind! Blockbuster Video is returning to London

By Alim Kheraj

London gets more than its fair share of gimmicky pop-ups, but when they’re good they can be really good. For example, next week in Shoreditch – for two days – Blockbuster Video is back. 

Those of a certain age will remember spending weekends scouring the shelves of a Blockbuster trying to find just the right VHS tape (remember those?) to rent to add some excitement to our lives. From new releases to classics, it was like an IRL stroll through Netflix, although you never knew whether it was going to have the video you wanted in stock. Once you’d watched your film (and rewound the tape!), you’d unceremoniously drop it into a letterbox outside the store. Simpler times. 

Well, to celebrate the release of ‘Deadpool 2’ on digital download, Blu-ray and DVD, Blockbuster is coming back. A Shoreditch pop-up will be a full-on recreation of a branch of the video rental chain, which opened in London in 1989. However, there will be one difference: instead of a full collection of movies to rent, the only film on offer will be (you guessed it) ‘Deadpool 2’. 

There will be 1,989 free copies of ‘Deadpool 2’ on offer. The hoarders/disorganised among you who have somehow managed to keep hold of your blue-and-yellow laminated Blockbuster membership card will be able to skip the inevitable queue to collect a limited-edition VHS case containing a download code for the film. 

If you’ve had a clear-out since 1995 and no longer have your membership card, you’ll still have a chance to grab a free copy. The hitch? You’ll have to prove you’re superhero material by auditioning for a copy like you’re trying to join X-Force. 

Providing your hit of nostalgia, and the chance to pick up a free copy of ‘Deadpool 2’, the Blockbuster pop-up will be open for two days from noon on Monday September 17 at 133 Bethnal Green Road.

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