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The Corner Pin
The Corner Pin

Beavertown Brewery is opening its first proper pub

The Corner Pin is located directly opposite the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

Written by
Chris Waywell

Nothing says ‘the green shoots of recovery’ like someone opening a new pub. There have been a few in London over the last year, though obviously not as many as we’d like given the number that have sadly closed during the pandemic. The capital’s absolutely newest pub, though, is something a little bit different. It’s the first boozer from acclaimed brewery Beavertown, who have gone in a few years from crafty start-up to supermarket staple. These days, nothing says ‘day off’ like a trip to the park with four cans of Neck Oil. 

The Corner Pin | Photograph: Maria Bentley
The Corner Pin | Photograph: Maria Bentley

The Corner Pin sits opposite Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, on a site that has been occupied on and off by a pub of that name since the 1970s. Probably none of them looked like this version, though. The full Beavertown visual identity has been carried from the exterior into the indoors space – it’s a riot of orange, turquoise and skulls, so it looks a bit like a mad jerk shack/funeral parlour from the outside. Within, there’s the full Beavertown range on draught, including the brewery’s brand spanking new Bones lager to wet your whistle, and there’s a full food menu promised. 

Tottenham has been home to Beavertown over its first decade. They even have a taproom in the stadium. Whether The Corner Pin will be embraced as a proper Spurs pub remains to be seen. But it’s really near the ground and it sells beer, so it probably will.

The Corner Pin, 732 High Rd, N17 0AG. Follow on Instagram. Opening September.

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