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Bizarre and eye-catching hot-cross buns to order now

There’s a world of super-hot and extremely crossed Easter options for you to explore

Joe Mackertich
Written by
Joe Mackertich

Easter is good because it features a four-day weekend. Imagine all the things you’ll be able to do by the start of April! Proper picnics. Tennis! More picnics? In any case, it’s worth remembering the true meaning of the holiday this year. A part of Easter frequently overlooked in these mile-a-minute, thrill-seeking times.

I am of course talking about… buns. Buns of the hot-crossed variety. Now, you could obviously nip down the supermarket or your local artisan bakery and get yourself a half-dozen. Or you could push the Bun Boat out a bit. Try something different. That’s where we come in. Feast your eyes on this lot.

Lew Swine bun
Photo: Le Swine

The bacon option

Le Swine are bacon ’n’ bread royalty. They deliver their baps all across London and this year have turned their hand (with help from elite pastry chef Nicola Lamb) to a sort of weird-but-amazing-looking Easter hybrid. The kit includes Nicola’s hot-cross buns, a load of middle bacon, some bacon butter, fresh sage, and a limited edition date, roast fennel and Aleppo chilli ketchup. Nicola said she ‘lost her mind with excitement’ while putting her dream bun together. Which is nice.

Hot Cross Bacon Buns kit for two costs £15. Order here. Delivered nationwide.

Lew Swine bun
Photo: Shuk

The babka bun

Borough Market-based Tel Aviv pitta experts Shuk have baked up their own take on the Easter staple. Introducing: the Hot Cross Babka. It combines their top-secret dough with ‘earl-grey-infused dried fruit’, some citrus, spices and a generous dollop of crème patissière. It’s a kit you have to make yourself, but it all sounds straightforward. Roll the dough, add the toppings, shape, prove and bake. You can handle that.

Standard kit is £22 or £35 for the chocolate and hazelnut option from here. Available for delivery Apr 1-May 1. 

Bun House
Photo: Bun House

The Chinatown special

We love Bun House. We love it because it’s in Chinatown (support Chinatown!) and also it makes great Cantonese steamed buns (both trad and not-so-trad). Their Easter Chicks are filled with creamy kaya butter (a moreish Malaysian jam made with coconut, eggs and caramel). Very tasty. Have tried. Can recommend. 

Bun House’s Easter Chick set (three buns, £14.88) are available here, Mar 26 to Apr 4. Pre-order now for nationwide delivery on Mar 31 and Apr 1.

Flor buns
Photo: Flor/Lyle's

The actually straightforward but high-quality one 

If you’re looking to purchase Conventional and Orthodox Hot Cross Buns like a coward, but also want them to be unbelievably high quality like you’ve never ever tasted before, then we have one word for you. It’s not even a word. Flor. Another Borough Market veteran, the wine bar-bakery is lockdown-famous for ASAP Pizza atm, but let’s not forget they really know their stuff when it comes to breads ’n’ things. Case in point: these hyper-good hot-cross buns, made from British-grown grain and flavoured with their sourdough, homemade candied orange, currants and a house spice blend. Su-perb.

Flor Bakery’s hot cross bun DIY kits are available for nationwide delivery from Lyle’s. Buns can also be purchased ready-made, for collection from Flor.

Extremely interesting Easter treats to order now.

Hot-cross bun recipes, as recommended by top London bakers.

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