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Burger King new branding logo sign
Photograph: Courtesy Burger King UK

Burger King just launched its ‘Gourmet Kings Range’

The two new options are supposedly propelling BK into 'the elite burger sphere'

Written by
Rhys Thomas

Burger King, home of the Vegan Royale, the Whopper, and those flame-grilled patties. You know the one. If you don't, they've been around since 1954 so where have you been?

Anyway, as of today, they're taking the burgers to a new, more aspirational level. Here's introducing the ‘Gourmet Kings’ Range, the burger flipper’s new premium section of the menu. 

the new Steakhouse Angus from Burger King
Photograph: Courtesy Burger King UK

There's two new options, but one isn't exactly brand new so we’ll start with that: ‘Steakhouse Angus’ (yup, it's back!). A ‘new and improved’ recipe sees the 100 percent Aberdeen Angus beef burger flame-grilled before being topped with rocket, an oak-smoked cheddar cheese slice, bacon, crispy onions, tomato and mayo.

The second, a genuine exclusively new piece of eating from those self-claimed kings of burgers, is ‘The Argentinian’. This gourmet choice is the same iconic patty, crispy onions, rocket, and smoked cheese slice as the Steakhouse Angus, but there's a little South American flair from the chilli sauce, fresh onion and chimichurri mayo. Both burgers are tucked into a brioche bun. There'll be no malbec on site though, we're afraid. 

the new 'The Argentinian' from Burger King
Photograph: Courtesy Burger King UK

The Gourmet Range is in restaurants and available for delivery in London and across the UK now. It'll set you back £8.79 at the restaurants, and £9.99 via delivery. This week's treat-dinner sorted then?

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