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Busker London
Photograph: Julio Bruno/Time Out

Do you know who this mega-talented London busker is?

We also want to hear from you about your favourite London street musicians

Chris Waywell

What’s the soundtrack to London? Honking van drivers, sweary bike couriers and announcements about why your train has mysteriously disappeared off the display board. Of course not. It’s buskers, right? Who hasn’t had their day momentarily brightened by a beatboxer, someone hitting some plastic tubs or an old fellow doing the saxophone bit from ‘Baker Street’ in a tunnel?

Buskers bring joy, and we all need joy. But times are tough for the capital’s street musicians. Commuters and tourists are thin on the ground, no one carries loose change around anymore, people aren’t allowed to hang about in big sweaty crowds and now it’s pissing down with rain. It’s a bleak picture.

You can’t stop the music, though, and passers-by in King’s Cross were recently blown away by this woman doing her buskery thing. No less a cultural arbiter than Time Out CEO Julio Bruno was moved to record the whole thing on his latest fancy phone, and we think you’ll agree that the results are beguiling. As Julio himself says, ‘Artists you can find in London streets! Wow!’ 

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Time Out has covered TfL’s busking auditions before, but now we want to know who this mega-talented performer is, and also hear from you about the London buskers who’ve won your heart and ears and who could do with some love and support right now.

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