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Here are London’s most Googled questions of 2017

James Manning

One of the greatest/scariest things about the modern world is that it’s possible to answer virtually any question in about five seconds with a smartphone and an internet connection. Yes, it’s massively reducing our brains’ capacity to remember information and it makes the job of pub quiz master a right pain in the arse. But it also means we get to take an entertaining peek at the questions that Londoners have desperately needed to find answers to this year, with a bit of help from Google. Here’s what you wanted to know in 2017.

what to do in london today

(We can help with this, obvs.)

what is blockchain

(You’re on your own, buddy.)

what county is london in

(We usually just keep writing ‘LONDON’ until we run out of space.)

what time is it in london

(Yes, people in London have been asking this, apparently.)

how many people live in london

(Bloody loads. But half of them are about to leave for Christmas.)

how many working days in a year

(Too many.)

what is cladding

(Sorry, this one’s kind of serious.)

when is ramadan 2017
when is eid 2017

(Because we live in a diverse and welcoming city, and if you don’t like it you can eff off.)

who is my mp

(Remember that whole election thing we had this year?)

how to use apple pay

(Honestly, please work this out before you get to the tube barrier and stand there for ten minutes rubbing your iPhone on the Oyster pad.)

how to get rid of mice
how to cook quinoa

(These two basically sum up the entire London flatshare experience.)

where am i

(You’re in London, the greatest city on Earth. Now please move down inside the carriage.)

Thanks to Google for providing the most unique questions searched for in London, 2017.

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