Here’s when the London Marathon 2024 will start and how to track the runners

Everything you need to know to plan your Sunday

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Not sure if you’d heard, but there’s quite a big race happening in London at the weekend. Big enough for the city to be brought to a sort-of-standstill and for your office manager to send out email after email reminding you to sponsor those very fit colleagues of yours. It’s even big enough for your mate to excuse themselves from your birthday pints on Saturday night. Must be pretty big, then.

We are – of course – talking about the 2024 London Marathon, which will see around 48,000 people chuck on their trainers and run a hefty 26.2 miles this Sunday, 21 April for some worthy-ass causes. And even if you’re not running, even if you’re not cheering someone on from the sidelines, chances are you’ll sense some of the marathon energy if you venture into central London this weekend. The pubs will be packed, roads will be closed and you’ll probably see one or two people wondering around in tinfoil cloaks. 

So what are the all-important deets? Here’s all of the essential timings you need to know about the London Marathon 2024 this weekend. 

Where and when does the London Marathon 2024 start?

The race kicks off in Greenwich Park on Sunday morning at around 8.30am with professional athletes leading the way. The masses then set off in waves. From 10am to 11.30am a sequence of start waves will take place, with short gaps in between to allow the course ahead to clear. All start lines will be closed by 11.30am. 

Does everyone start the London Marathon at the same time?

No: imagine the chaos if all runners started at once? Runners will be organised into waves, starting at different wave times.   

How to track runners using the app

Download the TCS London Marathon app. It enables you to search for a runner using either their name or bib number and to create a tracking list to follow multiple runners. The app also provides estimated finishing times for runners based on their 5km splits, which are tracked via chips in their bibs and are picked up by monitors every 5km. In other words: the app is a useful tool and will help you know when to pay close attention to the finishing line. 

How to send a Belief Booster on the London Marathon app

Marathons are tough: a little moral boost from loved ones could make a massive difference in the final stretches. You can send runners you know a motivational Belief Booster by typing out your message of support on the app. If approved, it will appear on a Big Screen at the Halfway point and on the Finish Gantry on The Mall. 

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