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How many days until the evenings are properly light again?

Isabelle Aron

What with the Beast from the East still fresh in our memories and another flurry of snow forecast for London this weekend, you may not be feeling particularly like it’s spring. But spring is coming (we hope), and with it, the days will be getting longer (hopefully warmer too). Here are some milestone dates to look forward to.

March 18: there are 12 hours of daylight

Hang in there, folks. Only three days to go until there are 12 hours of daylight. 

March 20: it’s the vernal equinox

That’s officially the start of spring. Hooray!

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March 25: the clocks go forward

It will still be light at 7pm as a result of the switcheroo.

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April 3: the days are finally longer than the nights

See ya later, darkness.

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April 17: it’s light until 8pm

Beers on a rooftop, wine in the park… let the post-work alfresco boozing begin.

June 21: it’s the longest day of the year

This is the summer solstice, which means the most daylight you’ll get all year. Stock up on G&T tinnies and get yourself to the nearest (unoccupied) patch of grass.

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