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Andrew Thomas/Flickr

13 essential (definitely not silly) ways to survive London in the snow

Isabelle Aron

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s been snowing in London. The chilly weather is down to a blast of Siberian air, which has been dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’. And it’s not done yet. Flurries of snow are forecast for the next few days and temperatures are set to stay below 3 degrees. But don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with this Very Practical Guide to surviving the snowy weather in London, because this frosty weather is snow joke (sorry).

1. Stuff your shoes with sanitary pads. Trust us. It might seem weird but it’s a surprisingly effective tactic for keeping your feet dry. 

2. It’s a known fact that everyone steals the toiletries whenever they stay in a hotel. But if you’ve also got a stash of hotel shower caps, whack one on your head to keep your hair looking fresh.

3. Consider wearing a balaclava. They’re not just for burglars, okay? 

4. Feeling the chill in your flimsy jacket? Wrap yourself in clingfilm or tin foil. Or better yet, both #insulation.

5. Walk like a penguin. Seriously. Have you ever seen a penguin fall over? Do your best Pingu impression and spread your feet out, take small steps and lean forward a bit as you walk to increase your centre of gravity. 

6. Can’t feel your fingers? Take your socks off and put them on your hands as makeshift gloves. Sure, your feet might be cold, but you can’t have it all.

7. Pretend you’re somewhere warmer. If you’re waiting for a bus in the freezing cold, just imagine you’re on a sunny island somewhere. At least, that’s Arctic explorer Mark Wood’s hot tip. ‘Focus your mind somewhere else to distract yourself from the cold. I may be in a freezer, but my mind can drift to warm beaches and palm trees.’

8. Walking boots? Pah. Wear football boots – the spikes will stick into the snow to keep you from falling over. Probably.

9. Or take it up a notch and tie chains around your feet. Like they do with lorry wheels in Switzerland.

10. Put that pile of work folders to good use and use them as a makeshift sledge.

11. If you get thirsty on the go, fill your water bottle up with snow. Unless it’s yellow. Don’t drink that. 

12. Ride the Central line up and down. You’ll appreciate its sweaty climate for once.

13. Eat loads of cheese fondue and pretend you’re in the Alps. Then do shots of Jägermeister for an après-ski vibe.

Image: Andrew Thomas/Flickr

Wrap up warm and enjoy these beautiful pictures of London in the snow.

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