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Ice cream fries
Photograph: Jollibee UK

Ice-cream fries: the viral sensation becomes a real creation

Nasty or nice? Jollibee has released ‘ice cream fries’

Written by
Lottie Keys

We’ve all seen people dipping Maccies fries into their strawberry milkshake. It’s a controversial choice. Some claim it’s the best invention ever, while others turn their noses up at it. Well, the combo gets Jollibee’s seal of approval. The Filipino fast-food chain is releasing its own version of this. Introducing ‘ice cream fries’. 

Launching today, the fries are topped with ‘Mr Whippy’-style ice cream, chocolate sauce and coconut shavings. Curious? We are too. Delicious or disgusting, you’ll have to try soon as they’re only here for a limited time. 

Jollibee teased the ice-cream creation on TikTok a couple of weeks ago and it stirred up a lot of excitement. Receiving almost 2 million views and comments, Jollibee has given into the craze.

Ice-cream fries are not the only new item to hit the menu today. ‘Gravy Chicken Loaded Fries’ is also joining the fast-food chain’s line-up. Think crispy chicken bites, cheesy chips and then a whole lotta gravy.

Gravy Chicken Loaded Fries
Photograph: Jollibee UK

Both sets of novelty fries are available from Jollibee for £4.99.

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