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Come Rave With Me meal kit
Photo: Restaurant Kits/Time Out

Is this the weirdest meal kit of all time?

Chef Brad Carter may have unintentionally ended the genre

By Joe Mackertich

The 1963 film 'Cleopatra' was an enormous, ambitious, historical epic. It starred massively famous actors (Elizabeth Taylor has 65 costume changes in it), weighs in at four hours long and is still one of the most expensive films ever made. It also nearly destroyed 20th Century Fox and signalled the end of the ‘swords and sandals’ genre of film. 

The new ‘Come Rave with Me’ meal kit, from Michelin-starred chef Brad Carter, could conceivably be considered the ‘Cleopatra’ of meal kits. Where can we possibly go after this? This is a haute-cuisine take on ’90s comfort food. Findus Crispy Pancakes reimagined using smoked beef cheeks and West Country Ogleshield cheese. Posh smiley potato faces. ‘Neon slaw’.

Carters of Moseley is a top-notch Birmingham restaurant and we have absolutely no doubt this kit (which ships on April 9) will taste superb. Brad is a self-taught, Michelin-starred chef, which is like learning to play football using YouTube tutorials and then winning the World Cup. But will life ever be the same after ‘Come Rave with Me’? Will non-conceptual meal kits now seem passé? Maybe this is like the birth of a lamb with two heads during the Dark Ages: a portent of Meal Kit End Times? Either way, we’re looking forward to trying it.

Actually, on the subject of unorthodox kits, do also check out Super Ya Ramen’s Fried Cabbage and Cheese ramen kit (£25). We’re just making stuff up now, aren’t we? Sweet ’n’ sour hot dogs? Chocolate pasta? Tripe ceviche? Damn, I’m getting old. 

The kits can be pre-ordered in limited quantities on the Restaurant Kits website, for delivery on Apr 9.

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