Korean corndogs – London’s latest street-food trend?

Bunsik on Charing Cross Road is pioneering this street staple

Chris Waywell
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Chris Waywell
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Bunsik corndogs
Image: Bunsik/Time Out

London has some great Korean restaurants and couple of okay chains, but what about street food? That particular gap in the market is being addressed by new opening Bunsik on Charing Cross Road (on the former site of Caffe Vergnano, just up from Leicester Square tube station). Busik is dishing up some Korean street-food classics, in the shape of corndogs, rice pots and fried rice cakes.

In case you’re not familiar with US junk-food staple the corndog, it’s a frankfurter on a stick (stay with us here) encased in cornmeal dough, deep-fried and garnished. Bit like a hot Magnum with pork in it. At Bunsik (literally ‘things made from flour’), the corndogs have definitely expanded their remit. There are six versions: original, potato, potato-mozzarella, ‘cheese and cheese’, beef, and something called ‘octo legs’ (sadly not the actual-octopus-tentacle corndogs that Dominique Ansel once did, but judging by Bunsik’s Instagram, one with a hotdog cut to look like a cute sea creature). 

If that little lot don’t grab you, you can also get ddukbokki (fried-rice cakes), with toppings including hotdog and chicken mandu, or cupbap (rice pots) with bulgogi, spicy pork, chicken mayo, and sweet and spicy chicken.

With its bright-yellow decor and cutesy menu, Bunsik looks like a lot of fun, and should be an interesting addition to the more familiar offerings of Chinatown. Octo legs for me, please.

Bunsik, 62 Charing Cross Rd. @bunsik_london.

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