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London traffic
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London is one of the most stressful cities in the world for driving

A new study has found that Lima and China’s Dongguan are among the least stressful cities to drive in

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Rhian Daly

One of the downsides of life returning to semi-normal is getting back on the roads of London and spending loads of time in traffic. If you find being behind the wheel in the capital a fraught experience, you’re not alone, unsurprisingly enough – a new study has found it’s one of the top ten most stressful cities for driving in the world. 

According to Hiyacar, London is eighth on the list of cities that are the most stressful to travel around by car. In the top ten, it ranks only above Mexico City and Osaka. 

To come up with the list, the company looked at several factors including the number of vehicles in each city, the severity of traffic congestion, the quality of the roads, alternative public transportation options and the number of traffic accidents per year. After adding in the density of each city, it gave the locations an overall score out of 10 based on the data. 

London scored 5.0, coming below the likes of Mumbai (7.4), Paris (6.4) and Jakarta (6.0). The least stressful cities included Dongguan (2.4) and Lima (2.1). The full top ten is as follows: 

1. Mumbai – 7.4
2. Paris – 6.4
3. Jakarta – 6.0
4. Delhi – 5.9
5. New York – 5.6
6. Kuala Lumpur – 5.3
7. Nagoya – 5.1
8. London – 5.0
9. Mexico City – 4.9
10. Osaka – 4.9

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