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Pie and Pint only £17
Photograph: Craig Griffiths

Londoners are reacting to THAT notorious £17 pie-and-pint ‘deal’

Hello, 999? We’d like to report a pie-related incident…

Written by
Ellie Muir

A London pub has been slated for its pie-and-a-pint offer which comes to a whopping grand total of £17.

One outraged user posted a picture on Reddit of the dusty chalkboard, which shows a hand-drawn frothy pint and a crusty pie, with a caption that reads ‘Pie + Pint only £17 Mon-Tue’.

I mean, we know that London can be spenny, but a beer and a pastry leaving you just short of a £20 note is surely a step too far?

And Londoners aren’t happy about it, either. They took to social media to mock the pub, unconvinced by the bargain on offer.

‘Is the pie covered in gold dust?’ wrote one user on Twitter.

The offer only runs on Monday and Tuesday, which made some Reddit users question what the same combo would cost from Wednesday onwards.

‘Wed-Sun it’s just a pint for £17 with no pie,’ suggested one user.

I walk past the place regularly and am bemused each time, glad I’m not the only one,’ wrote someone else.

Another added: ‘999. Hello, Police? I’d like to report a crime.

‘For that price, you could get the train to Rochester, visit the castle, get a pint in the closest pub, get your pie and mash, and get the train home,’ mocked another.

The as-yet-unnamed pub under fire is reportedly found in Bank, smack-bang in the financial district of the city, which might explain the hefty price tag.

Time Out’s Instagram post about this minor scandal is equally full of seething outrage. And randomness. ‘Do they wear balaclavas while serving!’ commented one reader, mystifyingly. ‘I am convinced that the mayor of London is behind this account,’ said another. Others, though, were more understanding: ‘It’s expensive here in Alnwick but not that bad... depends where you go.’

So, pie-lovers, steer clear of the City. And Alnwick. 

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