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Valentines Bao Buns Boobs and Willy
Bao London

Missing out on a fumble with your Valentine? Send them some naughty buns

Mmm, sweet and sticky...

Samantha Willis
Written by
Samantha Willis

Remember the good old days when you could head out for a meal at an actual restaurant with someone special on Valentine’s Day? Then, if you were both sober enough, stagger back to your place for a cheeky snog (and maybe even a grope!) without having to worry about hand sanitiser, face masks or even breaking the law (ooh, err)?  

This year, if you want to get naughty (and a little bit sticky), now’s the time to think outside the box – or in it, as the case may be! Just like our friends at Bao London, who’ve created some, er, special Valentine’s Day versions of their token steamed buns – moulding them into a juicy pair of boobs and a rather questionable-looking willy.

The three-piece delivery from BAO bakery (£14) comes with two Bao boobies filled with molten chocolate and cherry and one pink, sausage-like Bao penis made from molten chocolate and white chocolate chips. 

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Annoyingly, the first batch of cheeky buns sold out within 24 hours. But if you keep an eye on @baolondon's Instagram you might ‘get lucky’. 

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