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More than a third of Londoners are cutting back on eating meat

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Time Out editors

A vegan fish and chip shop, a totally vegan pub and a vegan fried chicken shop are just some of the trendy vegan joints that have popped up in London over recent years – and it seems demand really is growing. According to this year's Time Out Index, over a third of Londoners are eating more plant-based diets. The survey showed that 5 percent of Londoners are vegan, 11 percent of Londoners are vegetarian and 20 percent of Londoners are reducing meat. That’s 36 percent in all who have switched or are switching to consuming fewer animal products.

The proportion of Londoners reducing their meat intake was even higher for younger demographics. Our survey showed that Londoners aged 18-27 are almost twice as likely to be veggie and three times more likely to be vegan than those over 58 years old. Time to convince your gran to get on board with deep-fried ‘cheeze’ sticks?

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