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Oh no: Asda has started security tagging butter and dairy

A pack of Lurpak is being flogged for 9 British pounds

India Lawrence
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India Lawrence

The cost of living crisis has come for dairy, as shoppers this week were dismayed to find Lurpak’s spreadable butter is being hawked in some supermarkets for an insane £9. 

The butter is now so outrageously expensive that Asda has security tagged it. And it’s not just butter, as Aldi and Co-op have also been spotted tagging blocks of cheddar and packs of lamb chops. 

In Iceland, it’s currently £9.35 for 1kg of Lurpak, while in Tesco it’s £8.98. The cheapest pack of Lurpak was found at Co-op where you can get it for the bargain price of £7.

You butter believe that a number of memes have been created in response to this extortionate slab of spread, as people have been sharing their, quite rightful, outrage on Twitter. One person tweeted: ‘If you work for an hour. You can get some butter.

Another said: If I cancel my Netflix subscription AND stop buying Lurpak then I’ll be well on my way to buying property in London by 2030.’

Lurpak responded on Twitter, saying: ‘Prices in store are decided by retailers, taking account of factors incl what’s paid to farmers. Unfortunately, with farming facing huge inflation like everyone else costs have had to rise. We are working hard to make sure our products continue to be accessible and affordable.’

The energy price cap and the war in Ukraine have all contributed to this dairy disaster, as farmers have faced massive rises in the cost of things like feed and fertiliser, leading to the price of products being hiked up.

If you're vegan, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your diet is not only superior for the planet, but also for your wallet, as the price of eggs and milk are also expected to rise. Milk is predicted to go from £1.15 to £1.70 for a pint. 

Perhaps we'd all be better off switching to the plant-based life. 

Despite bank-breaking butter, London is actually still great for young people and students.

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