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Terraced London houses in Whitechapel
Photograph: Ben Henderson/flickr

Renting in London? This map shows where you’d get more space for your money

James Manning

Today’s London rental market raises some big questions. Questions like, ‘How do you get rid of mice?’, ‘Am I allowed to kill my flatmate for coming in and making cheese on toast at 4am?’ and ‘Where the hell do I put all my stuff?’ 

Space is at a serious premium in this city, but if your 2018 resolution is to move somewhere where the bedroom isn’t the size of a cupboard and you might even have a living room like a proper grown-up, there is hope.

Online letting agent OpenRent has put together this handy map of the city, colour-coded according to how much floor space you’d get per £100 of rent a month. The best-value area is Abbey Wood, but that’s way out towards Kent and a bit of a schlep (at least until the arrival of Crossrail at the end of the year).

But the map also shows where to head if you want good value without exiling yourself in Zone 4 – namely Camberwell and Peckham, the most central areas with relatively low rents, or Stratford and Leyton in the east. There are even some spacious places in tubeless but chichi Stoke Newington, apparently. Check out the map below, and find yourself a bargainous new pad with enough room to let you put off decluttering till 2019.

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