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Shoryu has launched a ramen at home kit

A bit of a step up from the humble Pot Noodle

Written by
Laura Richards

If the monotony of constant home cooking is starting to set in and this week-long sheet of rain is getting you down, you may want to seek comforting solace at the bottom of a steaming bowl of ramen. The Japanese dish isn’t the easiest thing to master at home, though, especially if opting for a tonkotsu broth that’s so deliciously rich it warrants a lie-down after. Those are hours in the making.    

Luckily, ramen restaurant group Shoryu – which has ten branches in London, plus outposts in Oxford and Manchester – has recently launched a DIY kit so you can make the noodle soup at home without the hours of cooking (and washing up). Prep time is just ten minutes and the kit offers ingredients and instructions for the restaurant’s ganso ramen recipe. It comes with a 12-hour soup and ramen noodles, plus char siu pork belly, beni shoga red ginger, and spring onion and kikurage mushrooms for a garnish. (You’ll have to source a soy-marinated egg yourself.) While it’s just the ganso ramen on the DIY menu so far, Shoryu is hoping to add a veggie option to its range soon.  

Shoryu is making available 60 kits a week – which can be ordered via Japan Centre – with the option of a Wednesday or Friday delivery slot that can be booked up to two weeks in advance. You can order the kit from anywhere in the UK, with each serving two people and costing £20. It sort of sounds like a really deluxe Pot Noodle to share – and we’re here for it.  

Kits are released each Friday morning and you’ll have to be quick to snap one up – but that little bit of effort probably beats sweating it out over a 12-hour broth.    

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