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Tate Britain's new Christmas lights are nuts

Eddy Frankel

Artists are always taking inspiration from highfalutin, high culture, high minded things like philosophy and experimental sixteenth-century theatre. But Alan Kane appears to have been influenced by something far more relatable for his latest work: National Lampoon’s ‘Christmas Vacation’. Kane, you see, has been tasked with Yule-ing up Tate Britain, and he has gone balls deep, merrily shrouding the neo-classical loveliness of the Tate’s façade in off-the-shelf Christmas decorations.

There’s a point to all of it, obviously, it’s art. Kane is bridging the gap that exists between overly academic approaches to art making and things that, you know, us lot can understand. Thanks m8.

This sadly means though that there’s no Tate Britain Christmas tree this year, and it looks like it might be gone for good. But as long as they keep making art museums look like Chevy Chase might pop out the front door any minute then we should all be thankful, shouldn’t we?

'Home for Christmas' by Alex Kane is at Tate Britain, and it's free, obvs. Find more art to see here.


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