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CTA bus interior
Photograph: Cong Wang on Unsplash

TfL is offering free bus travel for Ukrainian passport holders

The new scheme is helping Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK

Written by
Annette Richardson

Any local news that helps to mitigate the awful sense that we are not doing enough to help those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine is really welcome at the moment.

With that in mind, there’s an update from Transport for London who has just announced a scheme providing free onward travel for Ukrainian nationals navigating the capital. This is part of a nationally coordinated effort with other UK travel providers such as Network Rail to ensure that tired and probably disorientated refugees can just focus on getting to their final destination rather than having to deal with the arcane complexities of Oyster cards versus cashless on top of their ordeal.

The offer is already up and running with TfL and will stay in place for the next 12 weeks, available to any Ukrainian national for up to 48 hours after they arrive in this country. All that is required to be eligible is a Ukrainian passport and their boarding pass or ticket from the journey into the UK to keep things as simple as possible. The idea is to help to get everyone to be reunited with their loved ones and settled into their new lodgings as quickly as possible. It’s something that various travel networks across Europe put in place back in February, and the idea has mobilised our own transport industry in a rare but significant example of working together to achieve something we can all get behind.

Let’s hope their journey involves some of the swish new bus network that TfL recently unveiled. Spread the word.

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