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The drinking game is on! London is getting a bar from the creators of ‘Sherlock’

Written by
Laura Richards

We’ve all woken up puzzled after a night on the sauce, but how about facing a conundrum at the bar itself? Expect just that – plus the unexpected – as the creators of ‘Sherlock’ and its accompanying immersive escape game Sherlock: The Game Is Now are set to launch a cocktail experience for fans of intrigue.

The Mind Palace bar is already a part open to participants of the popular west London escape game. But from May, it will be opening up to the public with a menu of ‘Sherlock’-inspired drinks, plus a series of cryptic cocktail experiences.

Sherlock bar

© Alfie Samba

On the menu of the speakeasy-like space, punters will find A Case of Identity – a cocktail made from rum, dandelion and burdock, ginger and lime – and a gin-based Boscombe Valley Mystery. Other drinks on the menu include the Hounds of Baskerville, and many of the cocktails will have a touch of the dramatics to them, from flames to dry ice. In even more of a mystery, Pizza Express will be supplying the food.  

As for those new experiences, lovers of puzzles with their potions can enter into ‘The Case of the Poisoned Chalice’. Under the clock, players will need to solve riddles to win ingredients to make the perfect cocktail. Live screenings and other immersive pop-ups are said to be coming soon to the Mind Palace, too. Elementary.  

Sherlock bar

© Alfie Samba

The Mind Palace will be open to the public from Wednesdays to Saturdays, 5pm-late, but must be booked in advance via

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