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The M25 cat killer has finally been unmasked

James Manning

Who was Jack the Ripper? Where did Lord Lucan go? Who threw the first ‘Hellraiser’ VHS tape on top of that bus stop on the Old Kent Road? Some London mysteries will never be solved. But police now believe that one particular enigma has finally been unravelled: the identity of the so-called ‘M25 cat killer’.

After kitty remains were initially found in south London, the mysterious ‘Croydon cat killer’ seemed to widen his or her scope. Hundreds of mutilated cats were discovered in a wide radius around London, with wounds that vets attributed to blunt force and precise, deliberate cuts. Now, though, the case has been closed after a new suspect entered the frame: foxes.

Police who initially suspected a sadistic ailurophobe was behind the feline fatalities now believe that the unfortunate cat victims may have been killed by cars and then picked at by our cuddly urban fox friends. CCTV and DNA evidence has backed up the fox theory, while failing to suggest humans were involved with any of the kitty killings. So cat owners in London and beyond can breathe a sigh of relief: it doesn’t seem that anyone is deliberately targeting their furry companions. Miaow’s that for a plot twist?

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