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Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience
Photograph: Little Lion Entertainment

There are Tomb Raider and The Matrix immersive events coming to London

Lara Croft or Neo – the choice is yours!

Written by
Alice Saville

Ever dreamt of being Lara Croft? Or just being in close proximity to her? Either way, you’re in luck: a new ‘Tomb Raider’-inspired immersive event is coming to Camden’s Stables Market in February next year, offering you an action-packed chance to help save the world. The makers have got seriously impressive credentials, having masterminded mega-hit ‘The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience’, which Time Out’s reviewer gave a whopping five stars. They’ll invite guests to join teams of eight to escape a sinking ship, discover an ancient tomb, solve puzzles galore, and interact with live actors from the ‘Tomb Raider’ franchise.

If your cinematic tastes run more to goth, grit, and mindbending takes on the nature of consciousness, then, fear not, there’s an immersive treat in store for you too. This New Year’s Eve, immersive bingo creators Hijingo are running a special ‘Matrix’-themed night. Can you imagine Neo playing bingo? Probably not, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying three themed games alongside cocktails like ‘Agent Smith’, blue and red pill shots, and even white cat tattoos for every player. 

There are so many immersive events in London that you might be in one right now, ‘Matrix’ style – do they leave you wanting to break out screaming or are you going to contentedly sip your cocktail like the blue piller you are? The choice is yours, but we know which option sounds more fun. 

‘Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience’ is on at Camden’s Stables Market from Apr 1 2022: tickets here.

‘The Hijingo Matrix’ is on Dec 31 2021: tickets here.

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