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Bompas and Parr
Bompas and Parr

There’s an immersive vomit exhibition by Bompas & Parr opening next week

This exhibition will make you sick

Written by
Eddy Frankel

It looks like Bompas & Parr, those cheeky experiential mavericks, really want to get stomachs turning with their new immersive exhibition. This time, they’re celebrating spew, with a whole show called ‘The Vomit Vault of London’, and featuring the launch of their book ‘Salute to Puke’, which looks at vom on the city street ‘as a symptom of economic and social recovery’.

The exhibition will feature photos of vomit on the streets of London, sick bags on entry, mouthwash cocktails, a slime station and vile perfumes. You might very well be asking ‘umm…why?’ but rest assured, there’s definitely an answer.

Bompas & Parr see vom on the streets as a symbol of excess, of binge drinking and hedonism, a clash of capitalism and ‘libertine values’. Now, as London opens back up after lockdown, spew is becoming a symbol of the return to normality. That’s a lot of thinking someone has put into vomit. 

Is this London’s most disgusting exhibition? They think so, but then they probably haven’t seen what Damien Hirst has been up to lately. 

'The Vomit Vault of London' is at the Crypt Gallery Apr 8-12, more details here.

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