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This clever hack guarantees you cheap drinks in London

Want three jägerbombs for £5? You just need to know where to go

Written by
Ellie Muir

There’s no denying that prices of drinks in central London have sky-rocketed in the last five years and, with spiralling living costs and the pandemic making lots of us strapped for cash, spending loads on drinks isn’t really an option for some of us right now. But with rising prices come even savvier Londoners, seeking out the smartest (and sometimes sneaky) cheap hacks to make city living affordable. Here’s a Time Out approved one.

Want really, really cheap drinks and are prepared to go to any venue to make that happen?

Well, it turns out that many of London’s universities have campus bars that are open to non-students, offering wallet-friendly drinks in an extremely desirable central London location.

Grab a pint for under £4 on some of London’s most beautiful and prestigious university campuses with spectacular views, including UCL’s Phineas bar (Russell Square) or King’s College London’s Guy’s Bar set underneath the Shard in the heart of London Bridge.

At Guy’s Bar, expect cocktails for under £5, three jägerbombs for £5, or buy two large glasses of wine and get the rest of the bottle free. You’ll never want to pay £12 for a cocktail again! UCL’s Jazz Society takes over The Institute every Monday night – so enjoy an affordable glass of wine accompanied by some smooth jazz, or head out onto the outdoor terrace for scenic views of W1.

However, it's advised to avoid Wednesday nights unless you want to get caught up in the sweatiness of sports night, the weekly ritual where each team comes together (usually topless) and sing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey – no matter the time of year.

Is this the cheapest (non-Wetherspoons) pint in London?

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