Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree is looking worse for wear – and the internet has reacted

Twitter’s hilarious reactions to Norway’s coniferous gift


The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree has arrived, and it’s looking a little… sad.

Every year, Trafalgar Square’s tree-lighting ceremony takes place on the first Thursday of December. Two days ago, in preparation, the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree was erected, ready to be adorned in its sparkling festive coat.

But passers-by noticed that the 20-metre-tall Norwegian spruce looked a bit sparse, and soon Twitter started buzzing with words of both comfort and criticism directed towards the coniferous evergreen.

Since 1947, Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree has been gifted to Britain by Norway. The giant 50- to 60-year-old trees are symbolic tokens of gratitude from the country for Britain’s support during the Second World War.

Because of this, the slightly… rough… state of the tree’s arrival this year has made some people wonder whether Norway is trying to unsubtly tell us something.

Here are some of the Twitter reactions. In the end, though, the Trafalgar Square tree couldn’t remain silent and came out to defend itself.


And some reaction from the poor old spruce…


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