Two major London airports could scrap the 100ml liquids rule this summer

Heathrow and Luton both say they’re on-track to install new high-tech security scanners

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Ever since it was first teased several years ago, UK air travellers have been waiting patiently for airports across the country to scrap the 100ml liquids rule. But back in January we received a less-than-welcome update: many British airports are in fact unlikely to have new security measures in place for the June 2024 deadline. Lots of Brits are in for another summer of tiny, expensive toiletries. 

But it’s recently been suggested that two major London airports may actually be on course to scrap the 100ml liquids rule a bit sooner. London Heathrow has said it is aiming to have high-tech, 100ml-plus-permitting scanners installed across all its terminals this summer.

Which is pretty massive news – not least because Heathrow, as London’s biggest airport, naturally is where lots of travellers will be jetting off from this summer. The airport hasn’t confirmed exactly when it will have completely rolled out the new scanners, saying that it needs to replace a total of 146 security lanes.

But that isn’t all. London Luton has also said it is ‘on track’ to bin the 100ml liquid rule in June.

In a statement, Luton said: ‘Here at London Luton airport, we’re on track to switch over to the new scanners by June, in line with government guidance. However, until they are fully operational you will have to follow current security rules.’ 

Of course, if you’re itching to carry liquid-filled containers larger than 100ml in your hand luggage, one London airport has already completely rolled out the new security tech. Last year London City led the way and became one of the first airports in the UK to do away with the 100ml rule.

As for London’s other aviation hubs? Gatwick has said it doesn’t expect to have installed all the new scanners until spring 2025, while Stansted is expected to miss the June 2024 deadline.

Of course, even if your departure airport has scrapped the 100ml liquid rule, you should always check that your destination has the tech, too. Otherwise you’ll be leaving all your lovely big bottles on holiday. You can find a list of all the European airports getting rid of the rule here

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