Veggie Pret to shut all but two London branches

Say farewell to the vast majority of the plant-first stores

Leonie Cooper
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Leonie Cooper
Food and Drink Editor, Time Out London
Pret a Manger
Pret A Manger

Veggie Pret, the vegetarian Pret a Manger off-shoot that launched six years ago, will be closing most of its outlets.

It turns out that the people weren't as hungry for smoky carrot and falafel sarnies as the mega fast food chain thought, and only the Shoreditch and Soho branches will remain. As spin-offs go, it seems like Veggie Pret was less of a Frasier, and more of a Joey.*

Four Veggie Pret stores have already pulled down their big green shutters and the Canary Wharf chain is being turned into a regular red Pret, with meat back on the menu. Welcome home, oh sweet Jambon-Beurre. It's thought the remaining Veggie Prets in Manchester and London will also be turned into normo Prets. 

A spokesperson explained the reason behind the Veggie Pret closures is that regular Prets now cater just as well to hungry lunchtime vegetarians. 'Over half of our menu is vegetarian or vegan, with meat-free and vegan options accounting for one in three of our main meals sales.'

They continued: 'Our focus now is to keep growing our extensive vegetarian and vegan offer in every Pret shop, so we’ve decided to convert or close some of our current Veggie Prets.' They added that the remaining Shoreditch and Soho branches of Veggie Pret will 'continue to develop new vegan and vegetarian options to be rolled out to our classic Prets'. 

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*Frasier being the very successful spin-off from 1980s sitcom Cheers, and Joey being the absolute flop that was birthed from Friends. 

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