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Video: you can now eat a 16-foot-long Chinese noodle

Written by
Tom Howells

Yup, you read that right. Murger Hanhan – a Mayfair Chinese specialising in the fiery regional food of Shan Xi province – is doing a 16ft noodle. One dish: one gargantuan hand-pulled noodle. Simple.

I’ll explain: each morning, Murger Hanhan’s chefs make fresh noodle dough from wheat flour, salt and water. This is stretched to a length of eight feet, then split to make it double the length. It’s then boiled and served in a biangbiang style with braised pork, tomato and egg sauce, spring onions and chilli oil; veggie without the pork and either with the tomato sauce or chilli oil; or cold with sesame sauce.

It’s all related to Chinese New Year (which starts today and last for two weeks), when it’s traditional to eat ‘lucky’ foods. Noodles typically symbolise longevity in China – so the longer the noodle, the happier and healthier life is supposed to be. Murger Hanhan’s giant noodles, they explain, ‘demonstrate the maximum potential for any long noodle dish and not being cut at any stage also signifies there is no break in your happiness, health and longevity’. Lovely stuff, and you can see it all in the video above.

Murger Hanhan can be found at 8a Sackville St, W1S 3DF.

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