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Photograph: Dom's Subs Instagram
Photograph: Dom's Subs Instagram

We all take pictures of sandwiches like this now

Oh? You didn’t know? Sad.

Kate Lloyd

The photos are always the same. An extreme close up. A hand just out of shot. Something oozing.

Oh, and two hunks of bread.

There’s a new foodie Instagram trend in town. It’s been brewing since Lockdown 1 but it’s hitting its peak right now. With restaurants shuttered and takeaways hard to photograph in the dodgy light of a shared kitchen/living room, food-obsessed Londoners are turning to snaps of something more portable to snap in the light to fill their grid: supercharged versions of the humble sarnie.

These aren’t packed lunch, supermarket or even nice deli hand snacks. These are overstuffed, colourful, flavour-dripping numbers in perfect artisan dough. And they’re always shot in the same way: chopped in two and held so you can see a cross-section of fillings.

The purveyors to know? Bakery Dusty Knuckle, which does big-ass sarnies in slabs of sourdough. Dom’s Subs, the lockdown pivot business from Lanark, which has proven so popular it's opening a second branch. 40 Maltby Street for the fish finger one. Sons and Daughters for the egg salad.  

While sandwiches have been ‘a thing’ in London for ages (we all know Max and his famous buttie shop), these sarnies are a new breed – wrapped in foil or greaseproof paper and designed to be collected as a treat at the end of a government-sanctioned work shift or ordered during a WFH lunch break. And the photos of them? Foodie status symbols. Proof that you know your baps, buns and butties better than anyone in town. 

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