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The best takeaways for delivery in London

From remarkable ramen to perfect pizza, here’s our pick of the best takeaways available for delivery in London

By Time Out editors |

If nothing makes you swoon quite as much as a lip-smacking food parcel arriving at your doorstep – like a mouthwatering Romeo to an utterly insatiable Juliet – then you’re about to fall in love with this list. Because we’ve rounded up some unbeatable eats from the best London restaurants that you can order as takeaways to be delivered right to your door. Ding dong. 

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Best Indian takeaways for delivery in London

Restaurants, Indian

Tandoor Chop House

Covent Garden

There’s so much to love about TCH – it’s basically a twist on what you’d get in an old-fashioned Brit ‘chop house’, only using Indo-Punjabi spices and swapping the grill for the tandoor. It’s all meaty, fiery and deliciously smoky. 

Order a takeaway from Tandoor Chop House by clicking here.

Restaurants, Indian

Trishna London


Gaining its first Michelin star in 2012, Trishna London is a contemporary-looking eatery where equal prominence is given to meat and vegetarian dishes. The must-try items? The aloo chat and tender guinea fowl tikka.

Order a takeaway from Trishna by clicking here.

Restaurants, Indian



Fashionable Sri-Lankan-slash-South-Indian spot serves up exotic cocktails and some recognisable calling cards: bone marrow varuval, jaffna beef rib fry and spiced baby squid. Talk about va-va-voom.

Order a takeaway from Hoppers by clicking here.

Best Italian takeaways for delivery in London

Restaurants, Italian

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele


The second London branch from the Neapolitan pizzaiolos on the former site of the original Patisserie Valerie. Choose between the menu list of perfect pizzas including all the usual suspects (margherita and more) or go for funghi, with the award-winning truffle mushroom pizza, a champion at the 2019 London pizza festival.

Order a takeaway from L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele by clicking here.

Restaurants, Italian



A total carb-fest, Leggero is also totally gluten-free. Ravioli, gnudi, carbonara and tiramisu – pretty much all the Italian wonders are here in all their glory. The menu includes small plates and starters to share, followed by larger pasta dishes and classic desserts. 

Order a takeaway from Leggero by clicking here.

Venue says Want a taste of Italy at home? Explore our online shop to order your gluten-free fresh pasta and ready to cook goods delivered to your door.

Best Japanese takeaways for delivery in London

Restaurants, Japanese

Shoryu Ramen Shoreditch


There’s a reason Japan basically runs on ramen: when it’s good, it’s comforting, deeply flavourful and effing delicious. And at Shoryu, it is very good. The menu is extensive: as well as a host of tonkotsu variations (that is, ramen with a fatty, collagen-laced pork bone broth), there are crowd-pleasing sundries like shellfish tempura, karaage fried chicken, steamed bao and more.

Order a takeaway from Shoryu Ramen by clicking here.

Venue says Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented difficult trading conditions related to Covid-19Shoryu is now temporarily closed. See you soon.

Restaurants, Japanese

Bone Daddies

Old Street

Cock scratchings are not the first thing you expect to see on a ramen bar’s menu. But Bone Daddies is not your average noodle joint. Instead, it’s a New York-inspired, butched-up ramen-ya with gutsy noodle soup dishes that don’t skimp on flavour. 

Order a takeaway from Bone Daddies by clicking here.

Restaurants, Japanese



Cold dishes and top-notch shushi are Chisou’s strong suit. From the horenso salad to a range of perfect sashimi, inside-out rolls and more – it is absolutely worth the price. Splash out and go for the real deal.

Order a takeaway from Chisou by clicking here.

Best Korean takeaways for delivery in London

Restaurants, Korean



As the name suggests, Bibimbap’s big draw is the stone-bowl rice dish of the same name – served in ten varieties. Classics include beef, chilli chicken, spicy pork or seafood, but veggies are well catered for too with tofu, mushroom, or brown rice, ginseng and gingko versions on offer. 

Order a takeaway from Bibimbap by clicking here.

Best British takeaways for delivery in London

Restaurants, British

Mac & Wild


A cosy Fitzrovia spot with a Scottish heart, Mac & Wild specialises in wild deer. Most of the meat comes from co-owner Andy Waugh’s father’s estate and the rest from other trusted Highland hunters.

Order a takeaway from Mac & Wild by clicking here.

Venue says You can now order from us with UberEats or Deliveroo. Get your favourite dishes delivered to your door! Click "view menu" to order

Jael Marschner
Restaurants, British

Golden Hind


In 2014 the Golden Hind celebrated 100 years of providing solid fish suppers. So if you’re peckish? Order the haddock with crisp, chunky chips and mushy peas for a total treat.

Order a takeaway from Golden Hind by clicking here.

Best Vietnamese takeaways for delivery in London

Restaurants, Vietnamese

Le Hanoi


The food at Vietnamese Le Hanoi packs a punch. Positively classy, the menu features everything from prawn summer rolls packed to moreish pork dumplings wrapped in crispy betel leaves. 

Order a takeaway from Le Hanoi by clicking here.

Best fried chicken for delivery in London

Restaurants, Chicken

Chick ’n’ Sours


If the popularity of Chick ‘n’ Sours restaurant is anything to go by, you’ll want to be ordering a flavour of it to enjoy on your sofa, too. The chicks in question are marinated in buttermilk Southern-style and cooked in rapeseed oil. It’s gonna get messy, especially if you order the chicken in a bun. But that’s the beauty of takeaway – no audience.

Order a takeaway from Chick ’n’ Sours by clicking here.

Restaurants, Chicken

Mother Clucker


Brined in sweet tea for 24 hours, soaked in buttermilk and double-fried, MC’s delicious (halal) chook has a dark-brown peppery crumb – think Southern-style with half the grease and double the crunch. It’s pure poultry in motion.

Order a takeaway from Mother Clucker by clicking here.

Best Chinese takeaways for delivery in London

Restaurants, Chinese



It’s all about the buns at BaoziInn. Soft and fluffy on the outside; deliciously warm, sweet and sticky on the inside. Other highlights include a chilli pork steamed bun made of bright pink beetroot juice dough and the Chinese vegetable bun made of green spinach dough.

Order a takeaway from Baozi Inn by clicking here.

Restaurants, Chinese

Master Wei


Master Wei is a treasure. The menu focuses on dishes from the Shaanxi province of China, and the star of the show is the biang biang, or ‘wide belt’, noodles. At Master Wei, they’ll come with a killer topping – chunks of tender beef or melting lamb, say, plus chilli sauce and pieces of pak choi.

Order a takeaway from Master Wei by clicking here.

Restaurants, Chinese

Bun House


Bun House sport Cantonese steamed buns prettily stamped with a Chinese character. These help to identify the bun’s filling, among them lamb, pork, beef, chicken, fish and veg. Because there are only so many buns one can eat, the small but well-though-out menu takes in a selection of small dishes and rice pots too.

Order a takeaway from Bun House by clicking here.

Best poké for delivery in London

Restaurants, Hawaiian

Island Poke


Island Poké’s raw fish salad bowls, Hawaiian in origin and here bastardised with Japanese and Californian embellishments are customisable. Choose a base (brown or sushi rice, or salad), a fish, and then a host of toppings, dressings, sprinkles and so on until you’ve got a sizeable mound of food, crucially occupying the middle ground between Instagrammable delicateness and sriracha-splattered taste explosion. 

Order a takeaway from Bun House by clicking here.

Best American takeaways for delivery in London

Restaurants, American

Burger & Lobster Oxford Circus


In case the name isn’t enough of a hint, these guys specialise in lobsters and burgers. It might come across as gimmicky, but ignore that initial impression because if you’re after good lobster, you’d be hard-pressed to find it at better value for money than here.

Order a takeaway from Burger & Lobster by clicking here.

Restaurants, American

Passyunk Avenue


A faithfully recreated American dive bar, cheesesteaks are the inevitable focus here, as well as other Philly classics like roast pork rolls.

Order a takeaway from Passyunk Avenue by clicking here.

Best cheese for delivery in London

Restaurants, Pâtisseries

La Fromagerie


There are cheeseboards and then there are La Fromagerie cheeseboards. We’d like to live in a world in which we were only ever served the latter – carefully sourced and themed by nation. And praise be: you can order one straight to your house, along with crackers and chutneys. 

Order a takeaway from La Fromagerie by clicking here.

Best baked goods for delivery in London

Restaurants, French

Aux Pains de Papy

Gray’s Inn Road

The next best thing to travelling to Paris on the Eurostar, this endearing little spot is full of patisserie and boulangerie. A French café experience, don’t forget the classics – éclairs, quiches, crusty baguettes and croissants. 

Order a takeaway from Aux Pains de Papy by clicking here.

Restaurants, Bakeries

Ole & Steen

St James’s

Ole & Steen is legit-Scandi (chef-patrons Ole Kristoffersen and Steen Skallebaek already have 50 outlets back home in Denmark) but the look here is sophisticated, not simple. As for the food, think open sandwiches, blueberry swirls, cinnamon buns, an unmissable cinnamon slice and more.

Order a takeaway from Ole & Steen by clicking here.

Restaurants, Italian



Introduced to London by Alan Yau in 2008, this smart outpost of a Milanese bakery chain is varied enough to keep diners coming back for more: as well as cakes, pastries and breads, there’s a choice of filled focaccia, hot dishes, slices of pizza and lots of attractive salads.

Order a takeaway from Princi by clicking here.

Sweet treats for delivery

Restaurants, Ice-cream parlours


King’s Road

Delight in dairy at this London branch of a US chain, where your Italian ice-cream comes shaped like a flower. At least it does if you ask for a cone on which ice-cream slabs, rather than scoops, are formed into ‘petals’ atop a crispy waffle. 

Order a takeaway from Amorino by clicking here.

Restaurants, Ice-cream parlours



Head straight for the outstanding vegan ice-cream at Yorica and you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. Everything in there is dairy-, egg-, gluten- and nut-free, which makes you wonder what exactly is in the WOW Butter to make it so creamy, indulgent and peanut-butter-like. 

Order a takeaway from Yorica by clicking here.

Restaurants, Ice-cream parlours


Seven Dials

The proof is in the pudding at Udderlicious. With 20-plus flavours on offer, you’re a bit spoilt for choice and if there’s nothing you fancy, then worry not – there’ll be a rejig in no time. Anyone for chocolate and Marmite?

Order a takeaway from Udderlicious by clicking here.

Restaurants, Bakeries

Crosstown Doughnuts


Crosstown’s delightfully chewy sourdough doughnuts are handmade, fresh every day. Classic flavours such as chocolate truffle are presented alongside more creative additions, like rhubarb, raspberry and ginger – and a vegan’s delight: there are dairy-free offerings that have been perfected (so much so that Crosstown actually have a completely vegan shop in Marylebone).

Order a takeaway from Crosstown Doughnuts by clicking here.


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