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The new Elizabeth line
Photograph: Crossrail

You can now use Citymapper to plan your Elizabeth line journey

You could – finally – be riding Crossrail by the end of this month

Written by
Sarath Novas

Get ready, London, the Elizabeth line – aka Crossrail – is almost ready to open up and we are happily waiting to get onboard. Citymapper has now introduced the option to plan your trip ahead of time ‘using’ the new line. 

The Elizabeth line has been under construction since 2009, meaning we’ve been waiting 13 bloody years to finally see this exciting new development. It is intended to reduce the length of the commute of thousands of Londoners by a significant amount so if you’re still late to your next work meeting cos of waiting for a Crossrail train, don’t blame us, we just relay the news. Oh, and it means that the house prices of loads of new bits of London will suddenly become completely out of reach, but let’s not worry about that right now.

Unfortunately, we do have to wait for the entire line to come together, so as of right now there are three phases. Phase 1 (imminent) sees ten new stations on the central portion of the Elizabeth line open up. Phase 2 (autumn 2022) connects up services from Reading in the west and Shenfield in the east, with the central section. Phase 3 (spring 2023) sees everything finally fully connected and flowing. This means that by next year we will have the whole cross-London line up and running. Make full use of it, London. You’ve waited a long time for this… 

Into fabric designs? Check out the new Elizabeth line moquette.

Got no idea what the new line will look like? Check out some snaps here.

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