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Jamz Supernova
Image: BBC / Time Out

Jamz Supernova on Dalston’s clubbing heydays

‘You could go into any number of clubs and there’d be something amazing happening’

Chiara Wilkinson
Written by
Chiara Wilkinson

Kingsland Road is where I grew up, as a raver and as a DJ. Back in 2016, I’d stay with my friend, who lived above Beyond Retro, for pretty much the whole weekend. I come from south-east London, so going there was a big thing. You could go into any number of clubs and there would be something amazing happening – places like The Nest, Dalston Superstore, The Alibi and Visions.

Birthdays was the first club that I started regularly DJing at and where I hosted my own club nights. It was a 200-odd capacity basement venue and was like another world. The crowd was just full of curious music lovers. Because it was so intimate, by the end of a night you’d know almost everyone in there. I think I’ve been chasing that environment ever since. 

One night, I put on a party at Birthdays and only sold seven tickets. I was gutted for the DJs I’d booked. But by an hour in, the party was at capacity. It was really nice how the night turned around and I remember having a full sweaty one. Now the road is very different but it’s still a great place for food. Recently, I went to eat at Mangal 2 – it was like raving but at a dinner table.

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