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Punchdrunk, The Burnt City, 2022
Photo by Julian Abrams

Exclusive: weekly £25 rush tickets for Punchdrunk’s ‘The Burnt City’

Each week Time Out will be releasing tickets for the following week’s performances of Punchdrunk’s blockbuster new show

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Time Out Theatre

Punchdrunk has returned! The greatest immersive theatre company of all time is back after eight long years away. ‘The Burnt City’ is its huge new show based in two massive former military arsenal buildings in Woolwich (easily accessible by DLR, rail and – very soon – Crossrail). 

Set in the moments surrounding the Trojan War, each of the two buildings in ‘The Burnt City’ represents a distinct, insanely detailed world full of mysterious characters, that you’re free to wander around at will. Troy is a dense sci-fi city aesthetically inspired by Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’; Greece is a desolate wasteland full of jaded soldiers and eerie memories of the ancient gods.

Every Punchdrunk show is a monumental event, and the huge costs in staging them means that tickets aren’t cheap: standard price for entry to ‘The Burnt City’ is is £55-£88. 

However, Punchdrunk and Time Out recognise that not everyone can afford this, and we’ve exclusively teamed up to bring you £25 rush tickets for every single show: truly great value for this awesome spectacle. 

The system is simple. Sign up at the link below to be in with a chance to buy the tickets for the following week (or, in the case of the first set of tickets, sign up by April 12 to be able to buy tickets on April 14 for shows the week commencing April 18).
Every Thursday, you’ll receive a link when the tickets go on sale. If you’ve signed up you’ll receive an email with a sales link at some point on the day, and then it’ll be a first-come, first-served chance to buy up to two tickets for a show the following week. If you don’t succeed… just sign up for the following week!
See you in Troy.

The rush tickets entry has ended.

For more information on ‘The Burnt City’, booking until Aug 28 2022, head here.

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