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Duck & Waffle

Restaurants, Contemporary European Liverpool Street
4 out of 5 stars
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Duck & Waffle
Venue says Join us after hours for new late night dishes, unique cocktails and perfect sunrise views everyday from 11:30PM - 5AM

Time Out says

There’s a dedicated entrance for the restaurants in Heron Tower, from where a glass lift will whizz you in seconds up to Duck & Waffle on the 40th floor, or its glitzier sibling Sushisamba two floors below. The views are, as you might expect, stunning – if you’re pointed in the right direction and, preferably, sitting at a window table (many of which are for two diners only). Alternatively, linger in the entrance bar, where you can press your nose against the glass and gawp unhindered. Food is an on-trend mix of small plates, raw offerings (oysters, ceviche) and a few main courses (including roast chicken and the namesake duck confit and waffle). Our dishes ranged widely, from the spot-on (three dense pollock balls in creamy lobster sauce) to bonkers (who thought it a good idea to combine beetroot chunks with watery goat’s curd and sticky knobs of honeycomb crisp?). Prices are as sky-high as the setting; it cost £8 for a harissa-tinged herdwick mutton slider that was undoubtedly tasty, but came unadorned and vanished in a mouthful. Desserts of cold rice pudding, and chocolate brownie sundae, were better (and bigger). Service wavered between keen and offhand. Another downer: all that glass, plus marble and wood tables and a low ceiling (with yellow ‘waffle’ design) mean the acoustics are terrible. D&W is open 24/7, so breakfast or late-night snacks are further possibilities.

Duck & Waffle says
Duck & Waffle offers a playful take on traditional British cuisine with broad European influences emphasizing local, rustic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients.Designed for sampling and sharing and are complemented by an iconoclastic cocktail experience served in a vibrant atmosphere.



Address: Heron Tower
110 Bishopsgate
Transport: Tube: Liverpool Street
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Users say (79)

4 out of 5 stars

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moderatorStaff Writer

The crazy waiting list is a shame, but the views are fantastic, and it's a really fun spot.  The lift isn't for those with extreme vertigo - it almost felt like a roller coaster as it plummeted to the ground at the end of the night!  The signature dish is delicious, despite sounding so odd.  Food is extremely rich, so you'll need less than you think.  Considering the hype and location, it's not as expensive as you expect.


Having been to Sushisamba I was keen to try it's other high-rise partner in crime, Duck and Waffle so I booked well in advance for for a Saturday evening and requested a window seat, which we luckily got.

Yes I had a good time, yes the food was tasty...but a few weeks later Duck and Waffle doesn't stick in my mind as one of the more memorable meals I've had in London.  There's no doubt the views are wonderful and the service was impeccable (dare I say too much so - my water glass was filled up after every sip!) but the food was good and that's about it.  Admittedly, I did rave about the revolutionary dates wrapped in bacon, until my mum pointed out that's actually 'Devils on Horseback', a rather trendy canapé from yonder year. The duck and waffle itself was yummy but as a 'sharing' dish it was really hard to split equally between two (think one egg, runny yoke). We felt that we could have left the spiced duck doughnut and nduja seared octopus and not really missed much.  

In short, it's a beautiful place for a meal but if you were making a choice between Sushisamba and Duck and Waffle....Sushisamba would win hands down for me.


Duck and Waffle views speak for themselves, there is just something so calming and beautiful about looking out the window whilst digging into one of the most delicious desserts I've ever had in my life; the chocolate fondant is a must! You quite literally will feel like you're on cloud nine! What's even more impressive is that they are open 24/7! Having been at 3am and 3pm I can honestly say each experience has been incredible! The service is on point, the views are just breathtaking and the food is delicious! There aren't that many options for vegetarians but their rosemary and garlic bread and dips are lovely as well as their desserts! The wine is also out of this world, the staff are very knowledgable and can recommend some great ones! The only down side is that because of its popularity its definitely best to book in advance. But on the bright side, even though you would expect to be paying a fortune for a place like this, its actually quite reasonably priced. Enjoy! :)


What a destination! I'd always thought it was being talked about by people trying to act cool, but honestly, it's talked about for all the RIGHT reasons! 

First of all the view is insane. Secondly, the service is on point. A thirdly the food is to die for. I didn't have the namesake duck and waffle dish, Instead, we had a roast chicken to share between four of us. At less than £40, it's more than sufficient for four people, especially if you add a couple of veggie sides. And the sides (again!) are delicious. It's simply the best tasting plate of broccoli I have ever had the delight of eating... see pic below.... it tastes even better than it looks! 

We also got a portion of the rabbit. Now, I'm a big fan of rabbit, but it was too dry and no way enough for two people to share (which is what the menu states). So stick with the roast chicken, admire the views and enjoy the experience. 

Obsessed with this place, and I'll definitely be returning. I took friends visiting from NZ just after Christmas, the only reservation we could get was 7.30am so it was an early morning, but well worth it. Between the three of us we tried the duck option and the banana/chocolate sweet option, and both were fantastic, as were the waiters and general atmosphere. The sun rose over the city around 8.15am too so we were treated to a wonderful view. I'll be taking all my friends who come to visit!


The whole experience was lovely! We went quite early, but that meant the bar was empty and the restaurant a bit quieter which was pleasant. Unfortunately, we weren't given a table by the window. However, the staff were very photo friendly and offered most tables a picture with the view without even having to ask. The food was delicious! I ordered the truffle egg and soldiers and I haven't been able to get them out of my head since! The waitstaff were very nice and we weren't rushed out despite their time constraints. I would definitely recommend and go again! 


I'd been trying for months to get a reservation and finally managed 3 months in advance. The entire experience was absolutely amazing. I do not have a single complaint about this. Our waiter was lovely and treated us like princesses, he explained everything and checked on us just the right amount. We didn't have a window table and I chose a boring breakfast but by no means the restaurant's fault!! Well worth every minute of the wait to get a reservation. Even the ride in the lift is amazing!


I love this restaurant, I have been a few times and the view of London always takes my breath away. The duck and waffle is a great meal, however I think the best thing to do is order lots of plates and share them. A top tip when visiting is to ask for a table near the window its the best view and I much prefer these tables as opposed to the central round ones. The only thing I found slightly disappointing about the restaurant is the waiting staff, when paying over the odds for a great meal I'd appreciate foods and dishes being explained to me. We ordered a fish dish that was served in a salt bowl, to cook the fish it needed stirring with lime and the bowl effectively cooked the dish. This wasn't explained to us.


Brunch with spectacular London views! This is one of the most special places for breakfast/brunch in London. Super fast lift and beautiful interiors. When comes to food, the famous duck & waffle dish is good with excellent combined duck & waffle that melt in mouth. The portions though are a bit small and everything is overpriced. Combined with the fact that you have to book at least 1,5 month earlier to secure a place here, it is a bit waste of time & energy for an average brunch menu.


Delicious breakfast with exceptional service and views above the city (although the day I visited was a little grey and rainy, so it could have been better!). I went for the duck and waffle with fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup. I was not disappointed - the perfect combination of savoury and sweet. I’ll definitely be back. 

Duck & Waffle has been on my "wish list" of restaurants for so long and I'd heard such great things about it so I had mega high expectations going in. The fancy building and super-fast lift was very impressive and I like the decor on the inside. I was also surprised to see how small it was which probably explains how hard it is to book online! Because of the height you're at, the views of London are spectacular and pretty much all the tables have some view of it. 

Food-wise, we (I went with my boyfriend) went for the pig ears, the nduja & gruyere bread, the ox cheek doughnut, foie gras creme brulee and of course a duck & waffle. The pig ears were quite good with a nice amount of spices to season it but it got quite samey very quickly rather than being the moreish snack I was hoping for. The bread was delicious, freshly baked, it was the perfect softnes and the nduja gave it a great flavour. The ox cheek doughnut was disappointing since I am a huge fan of ox cheek but it was huge and too densely packed. I found the apricot jam overpowering and it overshadowed the ox cheek which was a shame. The foie gras creme brulee was just a bit much for two people, the foie gras was delicious but had a very strong flavour so we found it hard to finish it all. The redeeming dish was the duck and waffle, the duck was perfectly cooked and when eaten with the waffle, the flavours melded together really well. It was a good portion size and this is the only reason I'd go back.

All in all, I was quite disappointed, having heard such great things and it's not exactly cheap but I would recommend going for the duck & waffle and the freshly baked bread.


Brunch at this London institution has been on my list for over two years. So, when one of our friends were unable to go at their booked time, me and some of our friends were ecstatic to take their place. My wife and I arrived promptly for our reservation, with the two other slackers not reaching till halfway through our booking. The staff were lovely and were happy for us to wait for our friends before we ordered. The booking was only for 60 minutes but because we kept ordering, they were quite understanding of the delay. Regardless of the view (which were spectacular), the food was incredible! Duck & Waffle at the Duck & Waffle is a nobrainer. The coffee is deliciously strong and if you can still save some space, try the chocolate fondant, it was phenomenal! The best part of the experience was how reasonably priced it all was. So for a drink each, a brunch item each and one dessert shared among 4, set us back by £22.50pp. Duck & Waffle is not just a meal, it's an experience and for that price, I am itching to go back again.


I’ve been wanting to go to Duck & Waffle for so long but have never been able to book a table without having to wait at least a couple of months, which has been the main reason for not booking until now. It is therefore an understatement to say that I was beyond excited when my boyfriend managed to make a last-minute booking (unbelievable, right?) for a Wednesday morning at 7am. Finally, off we went!

We couldn’t have wished for better weather than what we got on that brisk albeit sunny autumn morning. Also, I now cannot imagine a more perfect time to go than that early in the morning. Watching the sunrise and the city slowly waking up from the 40th floor was such a special, unforgettable experience! The views were breathtaking, you really get to see London in all it’s glory from up there and I couldn’t help but feel such love for this amazing city and such privilege for living here.

The food definitely didn’t let us down either. Both my boyfriend and I went for the signature Duck & Waffle, which was the perfect combination of sweet and savoury. The duck was cooked to perfection, the skin was crispy and the meat just lush! The waffle was delicious, the fried egg a great addition to the dish and the mustard maple syrup was the perfect accompaniment that brought all the flavours together. While we started of with coffees, my boyfriend (the life-enjoyer that he is) chose to continue with a few glasses of champagne. I REALLY wish I could have done the same, but had to head straight to work after our visit, so it would probably not have been the best decision.

Duck & Waffle is not just a restaurant, it’s an experience and a magical one of the kind. I cannot recommend it enough and I can’t wait to be back myself - especially now that I know the trick is to book on early weekday mornings ;-)

To celebrate my birthday, a few friends and I visited Duck & Waffle for Sunday brunch. I booked weeks in advance to ensure we'd get a reservation.

On entry to the building, you are greeted and reservation checked before being directed to the bank of lifts. Hold on to your stomachs because the elevation speed is pretty intense but the views are pretty outstanding. This one is not for anyone scared of heights or a poor traveller.

You exit the lift into a casual bar area with the restaurant at the back.

Food was enjoyable, service was ok (a little snooty, not super friendly) and the price was what you'd imagine. I had a coconut cocktail which was delightful and the 'Full Elvis' pancakes were pretty awesome.

Great spot for a celebration or indulgent meal out but I wouldn't rush back.


I have been to the Duck and Waffle for breakfast a few times now, and yes you may have to book months in advance but it is totally worth the wait! My favourite is the Elvis waffles, fully loaded with peanut butter, jam, fruit, glazed bananas and topped with chantilly cream, but make sure you are hungry because it is a very generous portion! Others have had the fully english and the classic, duck and waffle which are also amazing (so I have heard!). The view alone from this place makes it worth it sometimes, upping brunch from the regular to a treat. Who doesn't love a city view?!


I had the best experience at the luxurious Duck & Waffle. This was by far one of the best restaurants in London that I've visited in a while. It's a fabulous treat and an unexpected surprise. Especially it being on my birthday.

Having a delectable breakfast at Duck & Waffle on an early Saturday morning on the 40th floor of one of the tallest buildings in London was a beautiful start to the day. My partner surprised me and it truly was unforgettable.

I must mention that you would probably need to book a reservation in advance. At least a month will do and you mustn't be late. They can get quite snappy.

It's all quite private and secretive and without a reservation I suppose you won't be able to enter.

To get to Duck & Waffle your firstly transported from the entrance of the building to the inside of a lift that will zoom you up rapidly to the 40th floor, quite literally. You arrive at the top and then you walk along the narrow passages to a quirky looking bar.

The architects have really thought about the design aesthetic. They brought the outside to the inside and incorporated such a captivating design.

You get that sense of a trendy, street style feel. The prominent graffiti designs and monumental chandeliers being the main focus of the decor of the bar.

I also adored the glass bottles hanging on the ceiling. These decorative details truly make this place a masterpiece.

The Gherkin is a vision that can't be missed from this unique experience.

After you've been checked in, your then escorted to the dining area of Duck & Waffle where you'll see an open kitchen.

The space is quite cosy and luxurious.

The view is truly extraordinary.

The pleasure of having this marvellous view of our glorious London is something quite spectacular and a little scary.

I adored the white marble tables with the rough, worn out metal and wood. The textures as a whole are elaborate and I did like the yellow tiles hovering above the ceiling.

I went a bit adventurous and ordered the House Breakfast and it was to die for.

Exquisitely prepared and it tasted absolutely divine. Every piece was cooked to perfection and I enjoyed it very much.

My partner ordered the Colombian Eggs and that was equally as brilliant. The scrambled eggs and the avocado was a treat indeed.

We both had a hot chocolate to accompany our dishes. Yummy!!!

Open 24/7 you'll definitely find a dish for breakfast, brunch, dinner, and even late night cocktails to appreciate.

There is so much to choose from that the indulgence level is of an extreme quality.

It's a little on the pricier side, but your are definitely paying the service, the quality and the attention to detail, and don't forget the magnificent view that surrounds you.

Your reservation is a one hour slot, so use it wisely to discover all the hype of Duck & Waffle.

Surprise whoever you like with Duck & Waffle. You won't regret it.


Love MD.


I have been meaning to get to Duck & Waffle in the City for a while now, so seeing this over in Haymarket piqued my interest. I had duck (of course) but in a flatbread and with avocado. And an egg... eggs are a big thing at this place, I guess as well as duck. They WERE duck eggs. It was delicious, a bit spicy, and very filling. My husband had the duck burger and we split an order of chips. The burger was very flavourful  and the chips had a lovely crisp to them. For being so close to tourist-town, it's nice to have a good restaurant for theater nights or jaunts into town. 


Goes without saying that you have to order the duck and waffle...and avoid sharing at all costs. This iconic dish fully lived up to expectations, and was gone oh too quickly. Great setting on the 37th floor, though smaller groups tend to get the tables by the window


There's something oddly regal about eating duck at 6.30am overlooking the city from 40 floors high. The view is spectacular, especially as the sun rises over this amazing city. The food itself is very good, personally think you need to have the duck and waffle if they've decided to name the place after it (other options do exist)! Luckily got a seat in a booth facing the City/Canary Wharf so would suggest requesting that side if possible as it's the best view

The 8-week wait for the dinner experience here on the 40th floor of Heron Tower was well worth it. The signature duck and waffle is a must-try main, it's strange how poultry, waffle and maple syrup really go together! Aside from the food, the views really are spectacular on a clear day. I highly recommend trying to book a table for a time close to sunset as it will make your experience that much more memorable and worthy of the price. Don't expect the restaurant to be very spacious or quiet as it was noisier and smaller than I was expecting, nevertheless I enjoyed the experience and hopefully, I will be able to try their brunch next time~


I purely nipped into Duck & Waffle bar which you can do for a cheeky cocktail. I had a cocktail previously and I wanted to go try which crazy cocktails were available in the latest menu.

And well I was in for a treat! A White Russian mister Whippy cocktail. Yes I am serious a cocktail with mister whippy ice cream covered in grey goose vodka with a Kahlua and 99 chocolate flake. Ok so my picture doesn't do it much justice but seriously this cocktail wins yummy points.

It's £14 though so make sure you appreciate the views. The bar staff must get some kudos in my review too as they are really helpful and as soon as chairs were available they came over with them without us asking.

Pop in for a cocktail but on pay day weekend!


I went for the fist time over the festive period and had brilliant time.  My guests from overseas loved the view over the London which is stunning. 

The food is actually reasonably priced and with starters main, wine and desert we only paid £55 each - which is pretty good in London. 

I had the classic Duck and Waffle and it was delicious - the other mains were good too - including rabbit and the steak. 

I have been to Duck & Waffle for two birthdays, one for breakfast and the other for their late night menu. Trying to organise breakfast for my birthday is always complicated because of friends schedules etc but the team at Duck & Waffle were extremely helpful and patient. Breathtaking views of London and I think their late night menu is such a cool concept filled with innovative ideas and super tasty twists on classics like the foie gras creme brulee and BBQ spiced pig ears. I love following Tom Cenci (who is their Executive Chef) on twitter and instragram, here's fair warning though because his posts will make you hungry! 

Great place to eat, the food is really different and I really enjoyed the flavours. I myself cant go past anything that has 'creme brulee' in the title even if it is 'foie gras' inspired and let me tell you I was glad I had it. However when it came to the drinks side of things that's where they get you. A bottle of wine being minimum £50 and the cocktails are well, erm hard core being the only phrase that can do them justice. All in all my friends and I will be returning as its a great atmosphere and relatively okay for the price if you convince yourself its for an occasion. Agree with previous comments that the food is 'heavy' so consider sharing a starter and main and desert some way or another if not just to be able to try more things then save the ££ for the wine. Not day to day budget friendly but splash out and book a table at crazy o'clock as its the reason I wanted to check it out cos its open 24/7. 

Contemporary elegance meets fine dining. I made sure to book a month in advance to ensure a table right next to the window, which is definitely worth doing as the views are extraordinary! The staff treated us like royalty from start to finish and even offered to take photos of our group without us having to ask. We started the meal with some of their weird yet beautifully crafted Christmas cocktails, I had the pumpkin and chestnut Bellini which both looked and tasted amazing! For the main I ordered the duck and waffle....which is go die for! On first thoughts, the idea of a crispy duck leg on a sweet waffle topped with a fried egg and maple syrup didn't really appeal to me, but I urge everyone to try it, the combination of flavours are overwhelming and unique. We had some more cocktails after the meal and enjoyed the rest of our time in the chilled and relaxing atmosphere. What topped the visit for me even further was the fact that the hole room was festively decorated, making us feel really Christmassy! Although not ideal for people on a budget, an amazing night out overall which must be experienced!

Food was good, our waiters were really kind and polite but the manager slightly ruined our experience. We got in with a reservation for 10.30am on Wednesday 8/11 and we got a table in the middle of the room. However, as soon as we started to look at the menu, 2 tables by the window became available so we kindly asked to be seated in one of them. Our waiter said that would be possible but then came back after speaking with the manager saying that it wasn't going to be possible after all. After that, during our meal, 3 more tables became available and for one hour no one was sat there so in total, there was 5 tables by the window available just empty!!! At the end of our meal, we were given a feedback card and obviously after this situation we wrote our feedback and also our experience about not being able to move to 1 of the 5 window tables available. Our waiter, politely handed over the card to his manager, who, after reading it threw it in the bin straight away! As you can understand, we don't expect this from a restaurant like Duck & Waffle and being the first time there, we were not impressed that we weren't even given a reason why we couldn't move tables and that the manager treated us unkindly. For this reason, we are attributing it only 2 stars. 


Having heard mixed reviews about the quality of the food at Duck and Waffle, I was under the impression that our lunch was going to be more of an experience than a gourmet feast. I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised! D&W does three things well – service, views and food:

The staff were incredibly friendly and attentive. We were celebrating a birthday and had lots of well wishes from every person that we passed, the staff genuinely seemed happy and knowledgeable about the food.

We had a small hiccup with the view initially. One of the blinds was stuck in the closed position in the window in front of our table, but the waiter did all he could to get it fixed and soon enough we were able to enjoy London’s skyline.

The menu was so full of delicious sounding dishes that it was hard to pick what to have. We definitely over-ordered so that we could share dishes and try a bit of everything, I think it’s safe to say we all left feeling full and happy! Personal favourites included the seared octopus, coal roasted beetroot and the miso glazed rabbit. The signature dish of duck and waffle was tasty enough, but it wasn't top of my list.

Overall I’d say if you’re doing more than one course it is on the expensive side for a lunch, but it’s a great option for a treat, and very impressive for visitors to London.


I was lining myself up for disappointment at Duck and Waffle. This 40th floor restaurant in the Heron Tower gets mixed reviews, with fans kissing its proverbial feet and nay-sayers criticising its food and value proposition. Booking two months in advance for a Birthday Sunday Brunch, I was sure to arrive in plenty of time to the reservation. The lift ride to the top was ear popping yet fun, and the restaurant's design is interesting. I found the door staff fairly cold, but not in a way that negatively affected our experience, though it may bother some people. On a gorgeous day, the view is stunning and worth the hassle of booking. We got a wonderful table by the window with a view of the Gherkin. I tried the cherry waffles and the signature duck and waffle. I was underwhelmed with my cherry concoction - there was too much overpowering cream and not enough cherry deliciousness. However, my date enjoyed the duck combo and we were both satisfied with the portion sizes. Our waiter was friendly, we felt unrushed and following a little note on the booking form they brought my boyfriend a little happy birthday treat, which was a great touch. The extras add up - even without alcohol our 1 1/2 course brunch bill came to £55 - but if it's a sunny day and a special treat then it overwhelmingly seems worth it. We had a fantastic time and have some brilliant memories from this rather special - if not quite perfect - place.


Next time someone cool from out of town comes to stay, take them here for a splurge on breakfast. Don't even think about ordering fruit, just get the signature dish. I didn't think I was fussed about duck but the confit and the addition of sweet maple mustard sauce gives the most delicious taste to a waffle I have ever had. Glutards will be pleased to know that all waffles can be made gluten free. Service was great. Don't be put out by the dress code. You are paying for the view, but the food helps - and breakfast (or a 3am snack) is relaxed enough to take your time and enjoy.


This would be 5 if I hadn’t had to spend half of my monthly earnings for this meal, although that may be the fault of my excitable greed. Still, £17 for a duck-loaded waffle is a lot. Further still, I would have definitely paid double that. Stupid money, ruining my duck-ing meal. This is only hindsight, however, which offers me this guilt- at the time I was just like, ‘DUCK (waffle) DUCK DUCK HERE IS MY BANK CARD TAKE MY YUM YUM DUCK’. And then there is a (DUCK) egg on my (DUCK) leg. Oh man, you just have to go. Service is amazing, views are glorious and wine is cheaper in the restaurant.


Let's get straight to point messing around..

You're paying for the view. There I said it. Yes the food is alright but nothing to write home about. The prices they're charging for average food is simply because you're consuming it from such heights. I had the almighty duck and waffle itself and found the whole meal lacking in ommpff ..

It was well cooked but for £17 I could eat in nicer places with even better food.


Duck and waffle situated near the top of the imposing heron tower has a fantastic view across the city. Really recommend going up on a sunny day. Even the 2 private lifts up offer a great view

I would never be able to afford a full dinner menu at this place but can afford to splash out on a lovely breakfast
Bf and I have tried to book on a weekend at a reasonable hour however it gets very booked up very quickly and quite far in advance
We work in the city so decided to book a few days in advance for an early breakfast (it's open 24:7) at 8am
We got a seat by the window with a beautiful view on a blue skied summer morning
It was gorgeous and a great start to the morning
We both ordered a latte which was tasty and then had a look at the breakfast menu
My bf ordered the famous duck n waffle which looked amazing and he really enjoyed it. I tried the duck and it was good
I got a sweet waffle with rhubarb and ice cream and it was sooo good
Overall quite an expensive breakfast but it's worth it for the view and the food also service good
Will definitely go again for a special breakfast as a few good looking waffles that are new on the menu! 
Definitely recommend even tho pricey
Staff Writer

The Duck & Waffle (the dish)  is actually amazing. I didn't expect to like it so much. And the restaurant itself is pretty cool. Staff were great and really looked after our birthday girl. This is a great place to take visitors to London, the views in all directors are some of the best in London. We picked the perfect time and saw a stunning sunset. Bar is a great option for a post work drink too 


It's been a while since I've been here and it's still hard to get a booking! Waking up early for breakfast on a Sunday... I'm not sure if it was worth it. Either my expectations have gone up or this place has dropped theirs. The duck was overdone and dry, the waffle was hard and the egg was rubbery. The only thing which remained the same were the amazing panoramic views. Then again I used to come here after a night of clubbing when we were hungry and intoxicated, so maybe I'm remembering wrong. Either way, I don't think I will be coming back anytime soon. Thumbs up for being accessible though.

Really clever menu with an interesting mix of flavours and ingredients. The signature dish, Duck & Waffle, is a must! Prices are high but to be expected given the quality of food (although portions often on the small side), attentive service and stunning view. Bar is super busy, so be prepared to hover if you want to have a pre-dinner cocktail!

I was desperate to try the Duck & Waffle, and my new boyfriend took me for my 30th birthday. I was treated like a princess, the staff were amazing from the moment we arrived and had saved us the best table right by the window (which is not recommended if you are scared of heights!) Our meal was flawless and the wine was fantastic. Really lovely treat and not expensive for London prices!


bacon wrapped dates linguiça, Manchego, mustard

foie gras crème brûlée butter roasted lobster, toasted brioche

baked haddock lobster cream, Parmesan crumble

spicy ox cheek doughnut apricot jam, smoked paprika sugar

duck & waffle crispy leg confit, fried duck egg, mustard maple syrup

Just to list a few of the items on the menu. The crispness of the bacon and the combination of the sweet and savoury, also applied to many other signature dishes. Foie gras creme brûlée is deliciously creamy and seems to almost melt in the mouth. Haddock in lobster cream is another pot of magic. Deeply satisfying flavours, it's hard to pick a favourite.

Location is incredible, and the fact that they are open 24 hours, you can come and enjoy both the sunset and the sunrise over London. Drinks are well balanced and tasty, service is attentive, decor is beautiful and attracts a good crowd. If you haven't been, you're missing out!


I think this place is worth a visit just for the novelty.  If you try and go at a regular brunch time you'll probably find it hard to get a booking, but since they serve breakfast 24h, you can avoid the crazy waiting list by choosing slightly different times!

The views are amazing.  the food is delicious AND not as expensive as you'd expect.  and the PBJ waffles are to die for!

Don't try and go in a large group.  In fact, only groups of 2 get seated next to the windows.


Anyone who lives or has been to London knows this place is amazing place for breakfast with wonderful views above London no matter the weather or the time of day. I went a Friday morning before work for breakfast with a friend and it was an amazing and delicious way to begin the day (and the weekend). My friend tried the duck and waffle and it was amazing but my choice, the eggs Benedict with waffle instead of bread were truly delicious as well. Prices are similar to other breakfast places, maybe slightly higher. The service is great and fast and the menu is superb. I have already booked a table for brunch on a Sunday afternoon in April and I can't wait. Do book in advance and don't be surprised if you don't find anything for the next month. Give it a try to walk in as they tend to keep tables for that. I've been also for a cocktail and it wasn't as good, please don't try the non-alcoholic choice, it was bad.


With tasty food, stunning London views and excellent service, I could never tire of this place and its open 24/7! Set on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, Duck & Waffle is the highest restaurant in the UK, serving unorthodox (but insanely good) European plates. A glass lift takes you to the top of the tower, so you can appreciate the view all the way up before entering the bar area. During the day it’s flooded with natural light and by night, colourful lights illuminate the beautiful blue and white patterned tiled floor, wood panelled ceiling and graffiti design walls. The dining room design is more low-key than the bar, but both have floor to ceiling windows to admire the views.

The menu varies slightly for breakfast, brunch and late night, but signature dishes are available all day. My favourites are…

Foie gras crème brûlée served with a pork crackling brioche

Duck & waffle served with a fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup

Spicy ox cheek doughnut with apricot jam and smoked paprika sugar

Roasted octopus with chorizo, baby potato and pickled cucumber

Closely followed by…

‘Bananas brûlée’ Belgian waffle withhomemade nutella, vanilla ice cream and peanut crunch

Wild Cornish pollock meatballs with lobster cream and parmesan

The cocktails are also very unique with Chocolate & Blue Cheese Martinis and Marmite Black Velvets, which were well made and interesting, however, I would say if you enjoy cocktails because they mask the strong taste of alcohol, these are probably not for you!


It is one of those hyped up places in London, and it lives up to its hype! Since the day we could finally make a reservation for a decent weekend brunch time months ago, i had been dreaming about this brunch. The whole experience is amazing: you start with taking a fast elevator ride up to 40th floor with London's hustle getting smaller and smaller in front of your eyes, you step out and it is a nicely decorated hallway with cool blue and white tiles(hello, shoe selfies). You pass the bar and they lead you into the dining room in the back which was smaller than i thought it would be. They first sat us a two-people table in the middle of the room, but  they must've seen me looking at  the 'date' table by the window with puppy eyes that they came back to seat us there if we wanted. We jumped up from our seats with joy before the waitress finished her sentence. We ordered the bread with olive oil, duck and waffle, the colombian eggs and sour cherry waffles from the menu, because we had to make it worth the wait! The bread was fresh out of the oven, still hot, went well with the olive oil and buttered. Then came the magnificent duck and waffle; and my colombian eggs with chorizo. Duck and waffle didn't live long and colombian eggs were a good change from the usual breakfast dishes. Finally we got the cherry waffles, the texture of the waffles were so light and fluffy and the cherries worked well with the yogurt ice-cream. We all enjoyed this watching East London and Canary Wharf from our seats and it was wonderful. I can't wait to go back.


It seems that London is a city that doesn’t sleep, but instead flocks to Duck & Waffle in its masses at 4am in the morning.

I should have known from the struggle it was to find a table for a group of people at the dead of night that this wasn’t going to be a quite meal. Instead when the glass elevator had whooshed us up to Heron Tower's 40th floor, we walked into a bar and restaurant which was pumping high volume electro tunes into a space which was absolutely packed with people.

Of course the views here are stunning and it was with the lights of London twinkling below us that we were given the Late Night Menu to order from. This contained a good mix of sharing plates, breakfast dishes, sweet dishes and an immensely tempting list of cocktails.

Duck & Waffle would call itself the UK's first high-end restaurants to stay open 24 hours and judging by the fact that every table was occupied there certainly is a market for this. I’ve also had brunch here at a more civilised hour and it seems to be a much more relaxed setting at that time of day.

The experience of dining at Duck &Waffle at 4am added an amazing end to a lovely evening. If only it wasn’t for the blaring music pumping out at us we may have had the energy to make a bit more conversation around the table.


A restaurant with a great view and some delicious waffles. That's about it really. The brunching experience throughout felt very impersonal, almost as if we weren't welcome there. The food itself was good, although very much overpriced, especially with the cocktails (15 pounds for an average Bloody Mary). Go for the signature Duck&Waffle dish.


Judging by the glass corporate building, I was expecting a formal and stiff place, but it was very friendly and quite informal, the stuff was fun to chat to.

We ordered breads to start with violet artichokes and parmesan and another with guanciale & welsh goat cheese and both were a great start. 

As for the mains, all my fellow companions went for the signature dish: duck & waffle and the loved it.

I ordered Jerusalem Artchokes Ravioli and brussels sprouts with orange and walnuts on a side, which were both great. Ravioli were filled up with creamy cheese (didn’t a trace of the caramelised cauliflower, though) and sprinkled with fried Jerusalem artichokes and truffle. It was very delicious and satisfying dish.              

We tried a selection of cocktails to start with, with me testing the oddest one on the menu: Chocolate & Blue Cheese Martini. It was an interesting flavour, but I can’t say it was a pleasant drink.

It was gloomy day but still, the view from the 40th floor and the lift ride compensate for all potential faults (like serving a wrong cocktail and then make you wait another 15 minutes for another).  

If you really want to come here, it’s much easier to book lunch; the waiting list for the dinners is quite long. 


Im sorry to say that this was one of the worst dining experiences I had in a long time. While the food is very good - though lacking something and the foie gras creme brulee is sickeningly sweet, the service was frankly atrocious. There was no one to greet you on arrival and you had to make your way through the bar to find the hostess for the restaurant, who then wasn't there. When one finally turned up she far from charming and helpful, making a point to let us know what a fantastic favor she was doing us by looking up our reservation, a job that took 10 minutes and then a further 5 for us to be seated despite our table being ready. The waitress was better and perfectly nice, but other than take our order and then bring food did nothing in the way of actually looking after us and plates waited for some time to be cleared.


You have to have to have to book a table here for 5am in the morning - well booking might not be required at this time, but watching the sunrise whilst you're literally sitting in the clouds is beyond amazing. In terms of brunch options, my recommendation is to order the duck and waffle (ALWAYS have to order the namesake dish) and then the sweet waffles with homemade Nutella and caramelized banana - to share between two if you're not a complete glutton like me. Whilst you're there. please taste the Marmite and champagne cocktail. This drink literally cured my mother's vertigo.


I went here recently with my family for brunch for my brothers birthday. I found booking the restuarant online very difficult, however when I rang 3 weeks in advance, I was able to get a table easily.

First impression, the view is amazing! The lift was very speedy and Immediately the view was fantastic.

I had requested a window table. We were put in a booth which had a brilliant view of the gherkin. I realised however, even if you are sat in the middle of the restuarant, the views are still good.

The restuarant  has a brilliant atmosphere. Very 'buzzy'. There was good music playing and every table was full. I loved the open plan layout and view of the kitchen. Our waiter,  Jamie was very helpful and accommodating.

I ordered the duck and waffle. A delicious waffle topped with leg of duck, fried duck egg and maple syrup. Wonderful.

The others ordered the all mighty full elvis pancakes, full English,  Colombian eggs and duck egg en cocotte Everyone was very happy. The portions were generous.

The cocktail list looked wonderful, however we went for teas and coffees.

I felt you pay for the food and the experience  which are both worth it.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant as a must to people visiting London.  I am planning soon to go back for cocktails and to try sushi samba which looked just as fantastic when we had a quick look.

Didn't get to eat as my friend and I were told we'd have to wait an hour before even getting on the waiting list. Opted for a cocktail at the bar, both of which were appalling. The ristretto negroni is an abomination I'm sorry to say, truly foul.

However, the saving grace were a couple of portions of the crispy pigs ears. Smokey and crunchy, coupled with the views, just about brought me back round. I will try D&W again, but I'm not desperate to rush back.


I love Duck and Waffle. It's the place I always bring people when they are visiting from outside London. The views are amazing (see my pics) and the food is just delicious. Must recommend the bacon wrapped dates, the actual duck and waffle, and the artisan breads to share are off the charts. The staff are friendly and good at making recommendations, and the wine list is stellar. I've heard a lot of people say they've struggled to get a table here, but the place is open 24h! Just come at a ridiculous time and you won't have a problem. It's also a complete riot (in a fun way) after midnight - worth it just for people watching. 

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