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Dans Le Noir Date Night
© David Tett

Date night: Dinner in the dark

Every week, two lucky Londoners get to have a night or day out and it’s on us! We sent Vanessa and Adam on a blind date, but did sparks fly?

Written by
Eddy Frankel

The venue: Dinner at Dans Le Noir? Clerkenwell.

The couple: Adam (29) is an RAF pilot who lives in Parsons Green, and Vanessa (31) works in IT sales and lives in Fulham.

First impressions

Adam said: ‘It was such a surreal experience in the restaurant because the darkness is absolute. Vanessa straight away had the upper hand with her chic, suave French accent – it is absolutely incredible. That was a good start.’

Vanessa said: ‘It was an incredible experience. I couldn’t see him, so all I got was the voice. But he has a really nice voice. Very confident, very outgoing. I felt comfortable straight away, which was good because we were in the dark.’


Adam said: ‘Within ten minutes conversation started flowing. Then it just sort of reached a fever pitch and we talked for hours. We got on really well, which was fantastic. We spoke about travelling, and fortunately, I just about topped her in places I’d been to.’

Vanessa said: ‘We found lots in common. We both love travelling, and we had so much to talk about. It felt like I’d met him beforein some way. Also there were some funny moments. At one point he tried to pour me some wine, but forgot to uncork the bottle.’


Adam said: ‘I had no idea what she was going to look like, but I wasn’t disappointed when the lights came on. There was a small goodnight kiss. I’d definitely be open to meeting up again.’ 4/5 stars

Vanessa said: ‘When we finally saw each other I found him very attractive and approachable. The same confidence I had heard in his voice, I saw in his look. We exchanged numbers. We may meet again.’ 4/5 stars

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