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Laser tag date
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Date night: laser tag

Every week, two lucky Londoners get to have a night or day out - and it's on us! We sent Patrick and Calum on a blind date, but were there sparks as well as lasers?

By Eddy Frankel

The venue: Drinks at Archer Street followed by Laser Tag at Star Command.

The couple: Patrick (26) is a senior account executive who lives in Surrey, and Calum (24) is a YouTuber who lives in Stratford.

First impressions

Patrick said: ‘I don’t really have a type. But I thought he was cute. I wouldn’t have gone up to him at a bar, but I don’t really do that anyway. If he’d come up to me I’d have been pretty happy, though. He was just really sweet.’

Calum said: ‘I was hoping he’d be my type: young, skinny, twinky-looking. But I instantly knew he wasn’t my type at all. He was very handsome, though: a very good-looking man. And the minute he shook my hand, I felt comfortable with him.’


Patrick said: ‘We talked loads and there were no awkward silences. His favourite musical is “Billy Elliot” and that’s mine too! He was better than me at laser tag, it was brilliant fun. I wouldn’t say there was a connection, but I wouldn’t mind being friends with him.’

Calum said: ‘He had some good stories to tell. We laughed a lot, had a lot of fun, especially at laser tag. I ran into a wall trying to shoot a child in the face. He’s the kind of friend I feel like I could tell all of my secrets to. But there wasn’t really any chemistry.’


Patrick said: ‘We didn’t exchange numbers, but we started following each other on Twitter. Very modern. There’s no dating chemistry, I don’t think, but he’s a really sweet and nice-looking guy.’ 3.5/5 stars

Calum said: ‘I followed him on Twitter: that counts as exchanging numbers! I just kept forgetting I was on a date because it was so chilled. I’d like to see him again, but for laser tag, not as a date.’ 4/5 stars

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