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Christmas Hampers
Photograph: Jess Hand for Time Out

The 13 best Christmas hampers to buy for 2023

From the Tinned Fish Market to Honey & Co, here are the hampers to get your hands on this season in London and beyond

Ella Doyle
Written by
Ella Doyle

Don’t panic, but the clock is most certainly a-tickin’ towards the big day this year. And what’s that we hear? You haven’t even thought about your Christmas presents yet? We get it, we get it. But don’t bother with Oxford Circus. Say ‘no sir’ to Bezos. Instead, what you need is an all-encompassing, perfectly curated gift from an independent business. A gift all made up for you, with all the trimmings.

What you need, dear friends, is a hamper. And we’ve scoured through all that London and the surrounding areas has to offer to find the best hampers around, whether you’re counting your pennies or you’re going all out. Here are the absolute best hampers you should be buying in London right now. Thank us later. 

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Time Out’s best hampers for 2023

The Tinned Fish Market’s Ibarra Box
Photograph: Jess Hand for Time Out

1. The Tinned Fish Market’s Ibarra Box

Look, hampers ain’t all cheese and biscuits, you hear? Why not get something your other half will genuinely like? (Unless they’re some sort of weakling). There’s no better way to round of this year of tinned fish obsession than with this spicy tinned fish gift box from The Tinned Fish Market, featuring everything from sardines and spicy pickles to those mussels you keep seeing that lady eat on TikTok, all in truly beautiful packaging. Dare to be different this year (along with everybody else). 

Price: £42

Fortnum and Mason’s Champagne Christmas Breakfast Hamper
Photograph: Ned Gibbs

2. Fortnum and Mason’s Champagne Christmas Breakfast Hamper

It wouldn’t be Christmas in London without Fortnum and Mason, would it? Well, your g-ma certainly thinks so. And you should definitely get her this deliciously extravagant hamper for Christmas morning, filled with champagne, caviar, teas and coffees and that all-important smoked salmon. It’s a sure-fire way to someone’s heart, especially when devoured in a hazy, Christmas blur. 

Price: £220. 

Laithwaites’ Kew Gardens Hamper
Photograph: Shutterstock

3. Laithwaites’ Kew Gardens Hamper

Has your mum been banging on about wanting to do the garden? Well why not get her this Kew Gardens hamper, which feels like it’s a gardening present, but it’s really just a lot of treats. Here you’ll find gardening tools, a cookbook, two bottles of wine, some preserves and a whole lot of self care. Go on, mum’ll love it. 

Price: £160

The Biscuiteers’ Hamper Biscuit Tin
Photograph: The Biscuiteers

4. The Biscuiteers’ Hamper Biscuit Tin

It’s biscuit season. But it’s also cheese and mince pie season. The perfect remedy? Biscuits in the shape of cheese and mince pies. This from Biscuiteers is actually a biscuit tin of a hamper, rather than an actual hamper, but it definitely hits the same.  The tin features a little biscuit port bottle, little biscuit truffles, and even a little biscuit jar of stilton. It’s all so cute we can hardly bare it. 

Price: £38

Oranj’s Christmas Survival Hamper
Photograph: Jess Hand for Time Out

5. Oranj’s Christmas Survival Hamper

What’s defined this year in London? Let’s have a look, shall we? Orange wine, probably. Tinned fish, it seems. Potentially hot sauce. Perelló olives, perhaps. You can probably see where we’re going with this, but essentially, Oranj has created the Christmas survival hamper of your east London dreams, with everything you need to be a pure, unadulterated, walking cliché. 

Price: £89

Honey & Co’s Deluxe Christmas Hamper
Photograph: Honey & Co

6. Honey & Co’s Deluxe Christmas Hamper

We love Honey & Co all year round (check out our review of their restaurant in Bloomsbury), but particularly at Christmas, when they start doing these ridiculously indulgent hampers, filled with all sorts of goodies. Their Deluxe Christmas Hamper this year has got everything from tinned octopus to gingerbread cookies, and very nice coffee from Climpson & Sons. Our tip? Buy it for someone you’re spending Christmas with, so you get to try it too. 

Price: £175 

Gail’s Christmas Hamper
Photograph: Gail’s

7. Gail’s Christmas Hamper

Gail's has been causing a storm of late, since it unveiled its TikTok viral Christmas croissant, filled with red cabbage, nuts and unprecedented amounts of brie. So if you know someone who can't stop banging on about it, this is most likely the hamper to get them, filled with mince pies, Christmas buns, babka, marmalade and all sorts of deliciousness. If you're looking to get in someone's good books, this is the way. 

Price: £100

The Pickle House’s Bloody Mary box
Photograph: The Pickle House

8. The Pickle House’s Bloody Mary box

Everyone’s been obsessed with Bloody Marys since forever, but it really feels like they took off again this year, seemingly in line with everyone getting obsessed with pickles. And now? You can package it up as a little Christmas gift; the Pickle House’s box includes a spiced Bloody Mary mix, a huge pickle, mini tabasco, Malden salt and even some supposed hangover cure patch with milk thistle. We love to see it.

Price: £30

Lina Stores’ La Nuova Casa Hamper
Photograph: Lina Stores

9. Lina Stores’ La Nuova Casa Hamper

Looking for the perfect gift for your pasta-loving friend (i.e. all your friends)? Look no further than everyone's favourite pasta spot Lina Stores. Not only is this hamper Italian AF, but the packaging is pretty special too. They know what they're doing with those crisp blue stripes. Top tip: Order this hamper with the added bottled Negroni option.

Price: £100 with Negroni, £70 without

Made in Oldstead’s Ultimate Festive Hamper
Photograph: Jess Hand for Time Out

10. Made in Oldstead’s Ultimate Festive Hamper

Now hey, we’ve covered the gifts for your besties. But if there’s someone you really want to treat, you’re going to need something special. And this festive hamper by Tommy Banks' Made in Oldstead is exactly that, with everything from smoked salmon, cheese and crackers to eggnog, Christmas cake cookies and root veg mince pies (trust us, it works). There’s even a whole ass ham in there. Go on, muck in with all your siblings and get it for the rents. And if you’re an only child, just take the hit. It’s worth it. 

Price: £195


People who love hot sauce are actually really easy to buy for. And it's just got even easier – simply order this hot sauce hamper by the ever-fabulous Nourished Communities, which represents over 200 indie growers and producers across the UK (or pick it up in one of their three north London locations). The hamper includes a chilli oil by My Neighbours The Dumplings in Hackney, an En Root Raja Bonnet Hot sauce, and a whole lot of other good, spicy stuff. 

Price: £40

Guzzl’s Boozy Brixton Hamper
Photograph: Guzzi

12. Guzzl’s Boozy Brixton Hamper

If you’ve been to Brixton Village recently, you would’ve come across Guzzl, an independent artisan store selling wines, cheeses, hot honeys, jams and more from a load of small and indie businesses. This year they’re doing both pre-made hampers and create-your-owns, but we particularly like this boozy number, featuring Brixton pales, hard seltzers and a pretty massive gin. 

Price: £60

Moth Drinks’ Cocktail Cracker Box
Photograph: Jess Hand for Time Out

13. Moth Drinks’ Cocktail Cracker Box

We know, we know, this isn’t exactly a hamper in the traditional sense. It’s actually a small box of four ready-mixed cocktails, from the guys over at Moth Drinks. But look at them, they’re stuffed inside Christmas crackers! And they have all your favourites, from a marg to an espresso martini. If you’re strapped for cash (or have a £20 Secret Santa limit), this is the Christmas gift for your bestie. Or… yourself? By the way, please note that the photograph above shows the contents of two boxes, not one.

Price: £20


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