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Five of the best London stationery shops

Pretty paper, poster paint and calligraphy - London's most photogenic stationers have them all

Present & Correct

Nothing cheers up a rubbish day at the office this autumn like some jolly stationery. Time Out reader Emma Heterington talks us through her favourite stationery hotspots. Check them out then pick up you new pen and paper to take note of the London's best shopping events and pop-up shops hitting the capital this week.  

Five of the best London stationery shops

London Graphic Centre

The Covent Garden flagship has a fantastic array of pens and pencils; particularly helpful if you’ve developed a brush lettering and modern calligraphy addiction, and need to stock up on supplies! You’ll also find a good range of basic notebooks, large pads for posters and some fun art supplies.

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Covent Garden

Present & Correct

A geometric utopia where everything is neatly arranged, ordered and aligned. Their collections blend the latest designs from Japan and Scandinavia, with vintage items sourced from across Europe. The result is a nostalgic tribute to a life-long love of stationery. Their blog and insta-feed are also both suitably dreamy.

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Quill London

Quill London

Not only does it house a beautiful selection of stationery to buy online, Quill also hosts regular modern calligraphy and brush lettering workshops around central London. This is the ideal place to indulge your love of stationery – believe me, it offers a whole new world of pens and papers to explore!

Choosing Keeping

On market day, Choosing Keeping is a peaceful haven, tucked away from the rabble of flower-wielding Columbia Road shoppers. The large central table hosts pots of lovely metallic biros, neon fountain pens and pastel pencils. Exploring the walled shelves uncovers pretty papers, hand-bound notebooks and a shrine to staplers.

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Bethnal Green



Selfridges has a wonderful stationery selection and stocks some of my absolute favourite brands. Highlights include Muji’s simple staples, Hay’s colourful statement pieces and The School of Life’s ‘Big Thinker’ notebooks. Make sure you explore the larger permanent concessions in the basement as well as the colour-blocked displays on the ground floor.

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Oxford Street

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By: Miriam Bouteba


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