Guide to Camden Market

Find the best places to shop in Camden with this guide to Camden's many markets

Camden Market actually refers to the several markets that cover the northern end of Camden Town. Each market has a character of its own, from the crafts and curiosities of Camden Lock Village to the Stables Market stalls' proclivity for all things boho. And of course there's more to shopping in Camden than the markets. There's also some awesome vintage shops, like Lost 'N' Found. Use Time Out's guide to Camden's shops and markets to uncover some hidden treasures.

Camden Market

Camden High Street, at Buck Street, London, NW1

Camden Market actually refers to the microcosm of markets that make up the northern Camden Town area. Buck Street Market is the place for neon sunglasses and T-shirts bearing pseudo-witty slogans…

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Camden Town

Inverness Street Market

Inverness Street, NW1 ( Open 8.30am-5pm daily.

Almost next door, and perennially threatened by proposed tube station expansion, is the listed Electric Ballroom, which sells vinyl and CDs on weekends and is also a music venue...

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Stables Market

Chalk Farm Road, (7485 5511/ Open 10.30am-6pm Mon-Fri (reduced stalls); 10am-6pm Sat, Sun

North of the courtyard that contains Gilgamesh, the gentrified Stables Market offers more food stands, as well as vintage clothing and clubwear shops…

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Primrose Hill

Insider's guide to Camden Market

Get the lowdown on the one-time undisputed centre of London's alternative scene. There are still plenty of delights to be found if you know where to look so try our guide to the best of Camden Market.

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Hi evry bady if you go to Camden lock market don't forget visit leather shop it's name ismad London exactly if lock in the map in GL 4 the have nice handmade leather bags and accessories I bay for them lot the bags for my family and friends its good quality and if you can't go you can bay online in It's Moroccan leather but its very good quality tray for 1 time you like't I'm sure .thanks

Sandra Dunn

Have to say that your market picture is misleading as there are only 2 or 3 vege stalls here, and who do not sell in unit price per kilo so that one is confused if buying for a recipe and if one wants to compare prices with near by Sainsbury's, who do sell in unit prices per kilo. My complaint comes from going there for 2 kilo of tomatoes for a big soup I wanted to make for a party and being given just 2 pounds - which I did not notice until I returned home. Really annoying in this day and age when we have been metric for years.


Camden is so cool that me and my mates had a blast. Found so many super cool stuff from the stores in stables market. Too bad I live here in Cardiff! :( Wish I could get them Online! :(


Camden is awesome.... went out with my mates in the freezing cold weather. Shops and stalls in the stables market rocks!!! Went to the basement shopping area got myself some chipmunk soft toys and colourful greeting cards fgrom nature and crafts. lol


Correction Camden Lock Market is to the west and Camden Lock Village to the east. Geography was never my strong point!


Whoever wrote this page needs to do a bit more research on Camden Lock Market and Camden Lock Village. These are two completely different markets on the east and west of the high street respectively. Camden Lock Market was the first market that started it all off and Camden Lock Village came later. The address and website, under Camden Lock Village, is in fact for Camden Lock Market. The two should not be listed together as they are totally separate and have their own characters. I have always been impressed with Time Out but in this instance you seem to be rather misinformed. I think you should clarify this and give out accurate information to the people.