Puss in Boots

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 (© Robert Day)
© Robert Day'Puss in Boots'
 (© Robert Day)
© Robert Day'Puss in Boots'
 (© Robert Day)
© Robert Day'Puss in Boots'
 (© Robert Day)
© Robert Day'Puss in Boots'
 (© Robert Day)
© Robert Day'Puss in Boots'
 (© Robert Day)
© Robert Day'Puss in Boots'

The kid I was with started crying around about the moment the Goblin King was going to have Princess Petit Filou guillotined. I was pretty tearful myself, having had to leave the Greenwich Theatre’s remarkably pleasant bar, glad of a break from the near relentless fun everyone else was having around me.

Because this ‘Puss in Boots’ really is a cracker. Celeb-free, song-and-dance-heavy and full of heart, it’s carried on the winning ebullience of the cast and the wit of a cheeky yet double-entendre light script by Andrew Pollard who also doubles up – ooh er! – as Fruity Fifi: possibly the most generously endowed dame in London this season.

Set in Paris for no discernable reason other than the opportunity to wear Eiffel Tower hats, the story is load of hooey of course but hard to better if a dancing cat is central to your artistic vision. Everyone is good, not least Kate Malyon as Petit Filou, but particular mention must go to Andonis Anthony who as the Goblin King delivers a turn of such dastardly deliciousness he made at least one little girl cry.

Happily, said child soon cheered up, due to a totally unexpected triumph of good over evil in the latter parts of the production (spoiler alert – no princesses get beheaded in this show) and even suggested she and daddy went back to the bar afterwards. For which, many thanks.

By Michael Hodges

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I hope it's not too late to recommend this totally brilliant production! Saw it yesterday. Am a 58 yo (child) and loved every minute! Very cleverly put together, great staging and highly talented cast! I will definitely be back for more next year, even if I have to rent my goddaughter to accompany me for the excellent family tickets!

Saw this on Saturday - my first panto in at least ten years - and it was great! Yes there were a few cheesy moments (if you don't like being made to dance try and sneak out before the end) and a couple of bits where things didn't quite go to plan, but the performances were pitched perfectly and there were plenty of jokes for both the children and the adults. I had initially been a bit sceptical and thought it would be terribly naff - especially after the opening, which is... odd to say the least - but within about ten minutes was getting fully into it. Will definitely be back for Jack and the Beanstalk next year.

Absolutely brilliant as always. Andrew Pollard is fantastic as the Dame. It was our fifth year watching the Greenwich panto, 20 adults!, and it never disappoints

Went to the preview and yet the cast still managed to make it feel as if Christmas festivities had begun! Audience of 14 year old girl and 10 year old boy - both enjoyed the jokes and the pop songs - although my 14 year old did pull a face that they were singing a 1D song it was helped that the Prince happened to be rather dishy! All of the cast were fantastic in their roles and whoever goes to see a good, modern panto will not disappointed! I spotted a few grandparents thoroughly enjoying the spectacle that unfolded. The set was a little basic but the costumes were the main focus for this production! I woud definitely recommend it - Book tickets soon or you will miss out!

Absolutely hilarious! Having never been to a panto before and always thought it was for children, I was very pleasantly suprised at the quality of acting, singing, story telling and hilariously tongue in cheek jokes. Madame Fifi made me crease up and incidentally, has the best legs I think I have ever seen..... I will certainly be returning next year!

Oh what a great evening..I was expecting all the cheesy who dun it and the shout backs of it's behind you!! But Oh nooo it was far from that. It was absolutely brilliant from start to finish!! Being my first panto, my expectations are now very high. The kids enjoyed it and still till today shout out Wii Wii.....It was so funny and all the underlining jokes were good. It was a good show and I would highly recommend it for sure!! ABSOLUTELY A**

Fantastic, amuzing and true entertaiment. Went with wife and four children of different ages and we all had a fabolous time. Uplifting! Great value for money

This is the best pantomime I have EVER seen!! I loved it so much - great energy, script and music and something for every single member of the family. Even granny was dancing in her chair! I would recommend this to everyone I know. It was also so reasonable and the staff were fantastic too. Greenwich Theatre always have such great family shows but Puss In Boots is my favourite yet and we've already booked again for next year! Go and see this - it'll make your Christmas!!

Expensive? £55 for a family of 4? You can't get a single ticket for that in the West End. And I don't know which night you went but the full house were loving it when I was in. Best Panto I've seen in years.

Too long and tedious. The cast need to warm up and really relate to the kids - particularly the very unfunny Dame. We were all a bit bored. And it's very expensive too.