Bonfire Night firework displays in London

Ooooh, ahhhh, wow... Admire London's biggest and best fireworks displays this Bonfire Night

As the autumn evenings get chillier, November steps up with loads of fireworks to warm us all up. Wrap up snug, head to one of the capital's many bonfire displays, and enjoy a show of colours over London's top attractions and beyond. 

When is Bonfire Night?

Remember, remember the fifth of November (the main firework action takes places on Monday November 5 2018, but events will run before and afterwards). Check our listings below for more details, and if you can't make them, you can see more firework action later in November at the Lord Mayor's Show and Fireworks.

What is Bonfire Night?

Bonfire Night a.k.a. Fireworks Night, a.k.a Guy Fawkes Night, traditionally marks the anniversary of the end of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. 

Where is Bonfire Night?

Firework displays take place across the whole of London. Stay in your local area, or venture further afield, and pick a fireworks party that's sure to end with a bang. 

*We’ll be updating this page with events for Bonfire Night 2018 as they are announced.*

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Bringing a bit of sparkle to the dull nights of winter is Bonfire Night (and New Year's Eve, let's not forget), when an array of glittering firework displays light up London's skies. But if standing out in the cold isn't your vibe, flick through our gallery of fireworks and enjoy the beauty of the occasion from the comfort of your seat.


Roxanne S

Any idea if the Vicky Park fireworks are happening this year? I cannot see any information about it online...?

Joshua W

have the bang of the time

Leyto R

Perdonar al final los fuegos son el 5 o el fin de semana?

Mae E

Does anyone have 2-3 spare tickets for Southwark Park fireworks?

Mark K

Anyone have two (2) spare tickets to tonight's Southwark Park fireworks?  Many thanks in advance.

Julian S



@Julian S  There are different tabs for the different areas of London, if you click on the next one it shows options in the South.

Steven H

@Julian S  Looool Julian, you can tell you are a sarf londoner, you cant browse the page properly!  Get a grown up or someone from norf of the river to help if you find it too difficult! :D

Yasmine W

Does anyone have 2 -3 Southwark Park fireworks tickets I could buy please?


i want to take a speed boat on the thames to a riverside cocktail bar restaurant and watch the fireworks.  don't know where to start - any suggestions, advise please.

susan l

There is also a great fireworks display in West Ealing at Trailfinders Sports Club home ground of Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club which also has other entertainment with laser show, stilt walkers and fire eaters.

Gates open 6pm, display at 7.30 pm. Tickets adults £6 adults, children under 14 £2.. You can buy tickets online or on the gate
poozday .

is it true that we can see the NYE fireworks from lambeth bridge for free ??

Stevie P

Yah booh hiss to the Borough of Lewisham who stage the Blackheath fireworks and in recent years have introduced floodlighting to the heath which really  reduces the impact of the display.  That's why it happens at night.  Y'know, cause it's dark or it would be.

It's obviously some 'safety' thing but actually when the heath is all grass and flat as pancake the floodlights are definitely overkill and London's done fine without them in the preceding decades.

Jaime Balbontin

Thank you Brent for the most wonderful firework display that I have seen in years. Usually you go to a display and there are too many people, not enough space to see the display and the fireworks are short lived. My hat off to Brent council for a wonderful display at Roundwood Park. You get there and there's so much space that you feel positivly free to run and play, children and familys dance happly through the park blowing whistles and eating sweets, there's music wafting through the air and a small but lovely fun fair. Once you arrive(passing well sign posted toilets, real toilets! Not a porta loos)the excitemnt seems to rise, suddenly over the tannoy a voice does a countdown to the fire works. Then music from jackie Wilson 'Higher and Higher' comes on, the fireworks start. My god what a display! it gets better andf better! The music moves from Asian Indian to Jazz to calssical to New orleans jazz, on each of the songs the firewoks work beautifully, fireworks that look like Indian ladies dancing to my personal favorites the gold fireworks to Frank Sinatra's 'Fly away'. Somtimes im a child again, and on the last November the 5th I stood open mouthed, it lasted for thirty minutes and it was on of the happiest thirty minutes i've had for ages, I forgot about everything. Thank you to Brent council and to the designers of the display, if you were there smiles were everywhere and still are just by the thought of it. Great evening out!!!!!

Margery McLeod

I went to the brockwell park fireworks last year it's cool

sandy tester

absolutely wonderful but i normally go every year to Southwark park