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Notting Hill Carnival route map

The parade route, soundsystems and toilets – here are your main stopping points at the 2017 Carnival. Print our main map or use our interactive map on the day

The sights, sounds and smells of Notting Hill Carnival can be overwhelming. But we're here to help you navigate your way through this year's Carnival with our map of the main parade, soundsystems, tube stops – and most importantly, toilets!

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The parade begins at 10am on both Sunday and Monday, and judging finishes at 6.30pm; floats and parade bands have to clear the streets by 8.30pm. Soundsystems play on both Sunday and Monday, with a strict noise curfew at 7pm. The main parade starts on Great Western Road, winding its way along Chepstow Road, then on to Westbourne Grove, and then down Ladbroke Grove.

Two ways to let Time Out help you out at Notting Hill Carnival...

1. Print or download this map to your phone.

This is our up-to-date map of the Carnival site – featuring all 37 soundsystems, loos, parade routes and more. Print it out at work in advance, or open it in your phone's browser before you go.

2. Use this Google Map to help get around.

All of the same information is plotted on this Google Map, if you're able to get good phone reception on the day.

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Travel information

Whether you're travelling by bus, tube or on foot, get the latest transport, family day and essential Carnival information here

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By: Michael Curle


Kiani F

Great photo - never seen that many white people round here. These people will go anywhere to get drunk & make a frickin nuisance of themselves.

Leanne H

Is there anyone out there that can tell me the name of the road on route that the Trinidad and Tobago posse gather... I believe they call it Trini Hill??

MumzyJ .

@Leanne H it's near Westbourne Park and Royal Oak stations, after judging point. Look at the map and it's near the sharp corner end of Westbourne Park Road by St Stephens gardens

Mary O

Were does the carnival start and finish and how would I get there from Chelmsford and what time does it start if anyone can help thanks 


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Daddy Russell

Which sound will take over the love baton from Norman Jay? Where is everyone going?


Norman jay will be sooo missed this year, still cannot believe he won't be there....irreplaceable!

gee baker

there's always trouble every year jus cos some body has step on some bodys foot, people if the word SORRY is not good enouhg for you then please dont spoil it for other's and watch it on your tv and no body will be stepping on your feet, please support one another iv having a good time and hopley 7.30pm closeing time dose not start a new trend, enjoy be good be safe be home




I know bit of a blow that gt, rampage and KCC aren't there this year but still plenty of our soundsystems plus as always it's the people who make it All Saints Row is my favourite area anyhow ;) Love RapAttack Also iphone app has been updated is available here http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/carnival-2011/id455050453?ls=1&mt=8 Oh yeah and I've updated the ip


Agreed, I can't believe Norman is not playing!! We want Good Times!!


No goodtimes????????? whats going on this year!!!!!!!!!!!


what does safe zone mean?


Latin Rave Street Jam crew looking forward to our 19th consecutive year at NHC spinning sexy Latino salsa!

Rocking Crew

Just to let you know, KCC & The Rocking Crew sound system, have pulled out of this years carnival. Due to many factors it is felt that we could not put on a show to the high standards that we have for the past 21 years we have been at carnival. Back for 2012!