Transport in London over Christmas and New Year

Travelling around London over Christmas? Here’s your guide to service disruptions and reduced transport timetables in London across the festive season

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Already planning your route around London this Christmas? There’s no such thing as being too organised. Due to reduced timetables on the tube, buses and railways, getting around London at Christmas can be a little challenging. Fortunately, we're here to help smooth the way. We can’t predict the weather, obviously, so note that the info below may be subject to change due to adverse conditions (a white Christmas!), so do check your route just before travelling.

There’s no service at all on London’s public transport on Christmas Day and there’s free travel on all TfL networks from 11.45pm on New Year’s Eve until 4.30am on New Year’s Day (although some stations will become exit-only; so check your route on the night).

Each service and tube line also has a TfL Twitter account, which is a good way to stay aware of closures and disruptions. Find the ones you're in need of here.

We’ll be updating this page with transport timetables for Christmas 2018 and New Year 2018/19 as soon as it’s announced. 

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Ronnie M

Can anyone tell me what times the last trains from Victoria or London Bridge to Croydon run on December the 24th? Thanks.

Ian D

It's ludicrous that a multicultural city like London has no public transport on Christmas Day. What about all the tourists and those who have to work.

Latif11 M

can you drive on bus lanes on christmas day

Allan F

I am totally gobsmacked!! A city of 12 million people and absolutely no public transport? Shocking that London Transport is allowed to get away with this. What about the thousands of people who have to work and travel on the 25th? Utter disgrace

Marc A

@Allan F oh but they need their pay rises and constant strikes to justify it too!

Karl H

Your pathetic. Your the disgrace. One day a year without transport and you moan like an old lady.have you ever heard of taxis?

Anyone who arrives at an airport can afford a taxi if they can afford an expensive flight.

London has one of the best transport systems in the world but idiots like you still complain.

Ronnie M

I agree London's transport system is one of the best in the world, but nowadays flights can be cheap and a taxi ride, depending on where you're traveling to, might end up costing double or more.


Dear All,

Does Saturday service schedule mean on 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st DEC also that the OFF peak fares will apply on the tube lines? 

Many thanks!
Wop v


 Just to make sure. Is the Circle available after midnight on New years eve?

Gi M


i'll be in London with my family (parents and four siblings, two over eighteen and the other two 13 and 15) from the 23rd to the 30th of December, which underground ticket do you suggest i buy?

Visitor oyster or Travelcard?

(considering that on the 25th there is no service)

Thank you soooo much in advance. :)

Duncan D

Always get an Oyster card regardless. You can put a travel card on that. It's the difference with a daily cap of £6 a day or paying on paper will be £12!! Each oyster is subject to a £5 deposit - but you can get that back at the end of your visit! Really depends how much you intend to travel... :) £2.30 a single within central, but will cap at £6 a day (not sure exact amount in pence).

Luis S

Hi. I'm arriving with family at Heathrow on Xmas day. Is there absolutely no public transport of any kind running? How do you get from the airport into town on that day? Any help?

Duncan D

Maybe download the Uber app and set up an account ready - it will work once you get here. And it will give you the chance to at least agree a taxi fare before you book it... Little in the way (I think) if any, of public transport on Xmas day. Enjoy your visit!

Funmi A

Will there be buses on the road as early as  6.00am on boxing day?