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The 5 best Manhattans in Los Angeles

LA may be better than NYC, but we're all about the Manhattan cocktail. Here's where to find the best in the city.

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman
Manhattan at The Three Clubs

So here's the thing: LA kicks New York's ass, but some pretty stellar things have come out of the East Coast metropolis. Bagels. The perfect taxi whistle. Pizza by the slice. The Manhattan cocktail. There are a few different ways to make this drink, but the standard ingredients include rye, sweet vermouth and bitters. Here are a couple of our favorites at some of the best cocktail bars around town. Cheers!

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Where to find the best Manhattan

Manattan at Hinoki & the Bird

Hinoki & the Bird excels at pretty much every drink on their cocktail list, but the Manhattan here is a thing of beauty. Made with Harajuku Japanese whiskey, Byrrh Quinquina, Gran Classico, chocolate bitters and an orange peel garnish, it's a rich, slightly sweet and totally suave version of the classic. $15

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Century City

Blood Orange Manhattan at The Walker Inn

Katie Emmerson, bar manager at The Walker Inn in Koreatown, takes advantage of Southern California's bounty by sourcing citrus at the Santa Monica farmers' market for her Blood Orange Manhattan. She also uses rye, sweet vermouth and cognac for a smooth finish. $20

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Manhattan at Three Clubs

Three Clubs is a Hollywood bar for people who hate Hollywood bars, one that evokes images of washed up lounge singers in smoke-filled rooms, of rock 'n' roll and cabaret. With its deep red interior compounded by carpeted floors, velvet wallpaper, mahogany paneling, black leather and a sparkly black ceiling, it’s an atmosphere that practically demands a Manhattan. Fortunately, they make a great one with your choice of bourbon or rye. $12

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The Melvin at MiniBar

Who would have thought that one of the city's top Manhattans could be found in the Best Western Hollywood Hills hotel? Named after one of the hotel's owners, Melvin Adler, this "nearly kosher" cocktail is made with 101 Rye and Manischewitz vermouth. $15

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Manhattan flight at Viviane

Viviane's sleek, mid-century interior and poolside location is the perfect setting for a Manhattan. But how about three? The Beverly Hills restaurant offers three different versions of the classic drink: Traditional, Rob Roy and Cuban. To avoid FOMO, order the flight and try all of them. $13 for each, $18 for a flight

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Beverly Hills

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